Thursday, December 6, 2007

chocolatey wednesday

yesterday, param, jill and i went over to willy wonka my sister's chocolate factory -quantum supplies @ glenmarie shah alam to undergo our training for the upcoming promo job at bangsar village from 7th-28th dec. please do come and buy chocolates from us!

upon entering the meeting room, we were greeted with a shelf-ful of nothing but chocolates! just makes any chocolate lover wants to cart the whole shelf away when nobody's looking!

fidani- finest chocolate creations

we started off with a brief lecture on chocolates 101. how chocolates are manufactured, its processes, ingredients, types of chocolates, how to distinguish good quality and notsogood quality chocs and etc.

we also got to learn some chocolatey terms like couverture, compound, pralines, ganache, truffles, gianduja, fondant, marzipan, fat bloom, conching etc.

and then we learnt how to operate the weighing machine and practiced weighing the chocs, putting them into boxes, folding boxes as well!, tying ribbons, and the occassional laughingoutloud at each other's gelabah-ness :)

whats inside the treasure box...

every chocolate aficionado dream come true

YES, WE GOT TO EAT OUR HEARTS OUT~!! WAHAHAH. chocolate overload seriously...

and then we got to tour the chocolate factory itself. fidani chocolates are all handmade you see so the factory has more humans than machineries. and too bad when we went visiting it was lunch hour so couldnt take pics of how the process goes...

a look inside the chef's (chocolate connoiseur) office...

chocolate moulds!

chocolate roses!!

all of us went home... with a GOODIE BAG worth rm100 over!! yay! everyone loves goodie bags!! especially if they're filled with exquisite handmade chocs!!

theres durian chocs 9 pc (RP: rm25), a box of assortment 9 pc (RP: rm36++), a box of crunches 8 pc (RP: RM28++), a box of farrels assortment (RP: rm25++) chocolate dippers not available in the market yet!, and an apron for our work worth rrm100 over but have to return it when work ends :(

[shameless advertorial begins]

*Fidani Chocolatier X'mas Booth Promotion*
cue to sing ~tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la-fa-la-la-laaaa~

WHERE: BANGSAR VILLAGE (old wing- opposite village grocer)
WHEN: 7th- 28th DEC 2008, 10am-10pm daily
WHAT: BUY CHOCOLATES esp since x'mas is coming!
WHY: Because thats what friends are for :)

we're also having good deal promotions such as buy RM180 above, free 120g of fidani chocolates. also, we are selling hampers, gift packs, super big size teddy bears at a very cheap price! do come and check it out~!!

or if you know the three of us, just drop by and buy us lunch or something k! HAHA.

[shameless advertorial ends]

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