Monday, December 10, 2007

hartamas square

bright neon lights

after live & loud kl last sunday, we hopped over to hartamas for dinner and decided to settle down at hartamas square- foodcourt (wah got website summore).

the stalls are not too many and the food offered are the usual foodcourt food you find in ming tien @ taman megah or asia cafe @ ss15 subang. for starters we ordered an oh jien (fried oyster omelet) to share.

oh jien- rm10

oh jien... okok allow me to digress awhile. do you know jien from disney channel fame and sarah tan from channel [v] or mtv (??) fame are getting married...??!! how many screaming girl fans of jien 's dreams are dashed and the ever so hot sarah's male fans are shattered!! i personally really like sarah. she's damn hot k. sighs. i wonder how they babies look like -_-

oh jien... i mean the oyster omelet now, wasnt that good. it was just... blehhhh. something that after the third bite you'll be like okayyyy, i cant take this anymore. yeah, that unappetizing. so dont order!

the brava stall

penne all' arrabiata- rm12

this is the same pasta/pizza stall at asia cafe. jill had penne all' arrabiata. comes in big portions and jill cant finish it...

param's chicken teppanyaki

that afternoon i had teppanyaki which i will tell the story in my next/future post. and when i saw param's teppanyaki, i got reminded of the one i had that afternoon. one thing's for sure, param's looked better than the one i had. and im sure it tasted better too!! param enjoyed it :)

rösti rösti

roast beef bacon- rm6.50

eager to try something different than the usual hawker fare, i went swiss on that night. i had rösti- a swiss type of pan fried potato. honestly speaking, im quite a sucker for anything with eggs and potato. these two are my comfort food. the roast beef bacon did not disappoint for the price i paid (you'd probably pay double at marche the curve). it looks simple but it tasted nice... and it was filling as well.

traffic lights juices

all three of us opted for fruit juices- mine was carrot milk, jill's honeydew and param's orange. at rm3.70 per glass it was nothing to shout about. bit diluted but oh well, who serves pure orange juice at a foodcourt at rm3.70 anyway!


work has been very very very (x infinity) tiring! imagine standing and telling people the same line over and over again for about 2148912498934 times. on the first night, it was a disaster and sales was very bad! saturday's sales picked up 2.5 folds compared to friday's but we still were 1/4 away from target sales. sunday was very disappointing!! just when you thought sales would be better, it was worst.

sighs... maybe its not christmas yet and people havent push the panic button on what to buy as gifts. hopefully sales picks up by then.

meanwhile... PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT US AND BUY OUR CHOCOLATES K! we're at bangsar village (old wing opposite village grocer and L'OCCITANE) from 10am-10pm daily till 28th december!!


p/s: wont be able to update daily esp on weekends cos i work from 10am-10pm. by the time i get home, all i wanna do is collapse on my bed. and the next morning, all i wanna do is just not wake up. work is hard. please appreciate the profession of promoters.

hartamas square
lot 48672 h.s (d) 96949,
jalan 23/70a,
desa sri hartamas, kl.
(a stone's throw from soul'ed out)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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