Thursday, April 2, 2009


Pls forgive me for the lack of updates. The internet connection at home is being a bitch that I can't even upload a SINGLE photo to my flickr, hence no photos how to write anything??!

I wanted to show you guys the most awesomest drink in Bangkok........ it's nothing alcoholic (surprisingly hehe!) but it's so damn good I had something like 4 bottles there and brought 2 bottles back home. To keep you peeps in suspense, go on and guess what it is!!

Winner gets 5 Baht! :D

Oh on a relatively related note, I was saying about the very awesome Smirnoff Double Black Ice with premixers I had in Perth in this post. Guess what! I found it in Bangkok at The Big C supermarket (The Big C = Carrefour in Malaysia). I grabbed a pack of 4 bottles at only 199 Baht (about RM19.90) and thought this is the best damn thing that I discovered (besides the most awesomest drink as mentioned above), but you know what!!

Damn potong stim ok... I was about to put in the trolley when the staff told me we couldn't buy it!!!!!! I was like "WHAT!! WHY!!" Then she said that no alcohol can be purchased before 5pm!! Read the signs. WTFFFFFF! I couldn't believe what I heard. You should have asked Eiling how my expression was. Totally in disbelief that such a rule can apply in Bangkok where I found my favourite drink on earth (besides Perth and US maybe).

Then I read the notice carefully. It said that alcohol can only be purchased from 11-2pm and from 5pm to maybe 8pm or something. The clock shows 2.30pm. We were late by half an hour and early by 2 and half hours.

Needless to say, I could have gone back to Malaysia a super happy tourist but now I'm just a tourist without the super and happy part.
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