Thursday, April 2, 2009


Pls forgive me for the lack of updates. The internet connection at home is being a bitch that I can't even upload a SINGLE photo to my flickr, hence no photos how to write anything??!

I wanted to show you guys the most awesomest drink in Bangkok........ it's nothing alcoholic (surprisingly hehe!) but it's so damn good I had something like 4 bottles there and brought 2 bottles back home. To keep you peeps in suspense, go on and guess what it is!!

Winner gets 5 Baht! :D

Oh on a relatively related note, I was saying about the very awesome Smirnoff Double Black Ice with premixers I had in Perth in this post. Guess what! I found it in Bangkok at The Big C supermarket (The Big C = Carrefour in Malaysia). I grabbed a pack of 4 bottles at only 199 Baht (about RM19.90) and thought this is the best damn thing that I discovered (besides the most awesomest drink as mentioned above), but you know what!!

Damn potong stim ok... I was about to put in the trolley when the staff told me we couldn't buy it!!!!!! I was like "WHAT!! WHY!!" Then she said that no alcohol can be purchased before 5pm!! Read the signs. WTFFFFFF! I couldn't believe what I heard. You should have asked Eiling how my expression was. Totally in disbelief that such a rule can apply in Bangkok where I found my favourite drink on earth (besides Perth and US maybe).

Then I read the notice carefully. It said that alcohol can only be purchased from 11-2pm and from 5pm to maybe 8pm or something. The clock shows 2.30pm. We were late by half an hour and early by 2 and half hours.

Needless to say, I could have gone back to Malaysia a super happy tourist but now I'm just a tourist without the super and happy part.


Cath J said...

Wah got such things ahhhh??? lol... Soo... so both of u sitting (mencangkung) waiting for the time lah??? I know you pissed...sorry ya...just joking.. ;-)

Oliver K. said...

Good Kakak!
Its a sign for you to stop drinking. so STOP drinking. teman me lar, non-alchohol drinkers, what say you? :)

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

I know what drink it is! I wont spoil the fun... :-)

Wow, I never knew about the time slots for alcohol purchase in Bangkok. That's interesting.

And... woman... you need to chill...

YilingL said...

Cath J,
LOL! I wish we could!! But we were rushing back to the hotel cos we were leaving that night :(

Nooooooooo.... I'll not join you in your dark forces!!

Yeah ridiculous right...

Huai Bin said...

No alcohol before 5 pm? Strange rule, but not unheard of. Some places don't sell alcohol on Sundays. :S

Hmm...drink eh.

Kickapoo? Can't be coz we have that in Malaysia.

Thai based drinks...


Teh botol? No, that's Indonesian.

Can I haz a drink? :)

P/S - My birthday is this Sunday. *hints*. ;)

p.calais said...

hahaha!!!..awww so sad ms yiling!!!..sooo close,yet soo far!!!!want me to rub it in??!!i can have it EVERYDAY here!!!muahaha!!..looks like u have to wait 4 me to tapau balik 4 u!!!!=P

oliver----NNEEVVEERRRR shall we join the dark side of non-alcoholic-ness!!!!!!NEEEVEERRRR!!!

KY said...

Oshi Green Tea!

jason said...

Awww... poor thing you.

-eiling- said...

I know! But I don't want 5 baht. RM50 can?

Oliver K. said...

What?! Im in the dark side now?
Silly kakak and silly calais boy!

*innocent and holy tone*. Ehem, its not that I cant drink, I can drink but you know, its a sin. It will only ruin my chance to mix and mingle with the saints and angels in heaven. Having said that, I'm on the "bright side" not the "dark side". heh. ok, exam period must have caused me blabbering shitz. ciao the meow.

YilingL said...

Yeah I think you would be as frustrated as me! Nope all your guesses are wrong! :D

Don't rub it in!!!! Ok my hope depends on you now, ta pau back!! Heheh, yeah Oliver can be in the dark side alone all he wants :p

Wrong! Green tea???!

Damn disappointed!

Terms and conditions apply. The Lim sisters are not eligible for the contest.

Haha you're all alone now.... Good luck with the exams though! ;)

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