Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Caesars Pizzeria

Hi guys, by the time you read this entry, I should be already in a shopping frenzy at Chaktuchak Market, Bangkok! But you know, I am trying to finish up my posts on Perth (although there's still quite a few entries to go... I haven't wrote about the awesome parks) so that I can start writing about Bangkok after I get back from there.

Little Caesars Pizzeria is considerably well known in Perth for the awesome one-of-a-kind toppings they put on their pizza dough. Their pizza selection is pretty comprehensive, from vegetarian to seafood to meat to gourmet dessert. They also have a selection of pasta and side orders such as the usual garlic bread and salads.

They even have awards for pizzas from the International Pizza Expo! Wow, I would like to attend such expos one day... pizza overload!

It was so awesome, we had to travel over an hour to reach the town of Mundaring (pronounced as Mu-na-ring). It was so awesome that I asked whether they have any other outlets nearer to Riverton or at least around Perth City and the answer came back as, "No. Only one outlet at Mundaring." Take it or leave it. But I can very well say, the journey was well worth it.

We did our ordering through phone and came to pick them up. Yi Fang got a new surname, from Law to Lew. Whatever Lew means heheh. We got 4 small pizzas and one large. Small pizzas (10") are priced at $14 while large ones (13") are at $17.50 but prices differ on the flavours. Dessert pizzas come only in small sizes at $14.

Janes Addiction- $13.50 (small)
Marinated prawns, prosciutto (Italian bacon), garlic cream sauce, wild rocket pesto, mozarella cheese

The prawns are tangy and anything with bacon on it spells Y-U-M!

Gourmet BBQ- $14 (small)
Roasted chicken, smoked ham, pepper steak, marinated lamb, onions, smokey bbq sauce, mozarella cheese

This is very yummy too! All the meat you can think of together on a pizza. Just look at the chunk of BBQ meat!! Awesomeness! And did I tell you I love BBQ everything and anything flavour???

Chicken Fettucine- $17 (large)
Sundried tomatoes, fettucine pasta, cream sauce, parmesan cheese, mozarella cheese, chicken, bacon

Pasta on a pizza??? Yes you read that right! That's fettucine pasta on a pizza. It doesn't quite have any taste on it's own, just some crispy sensation to go with the chicken and bacon. This combination is pretty interesting and I read that they have entered this pizza for competition too. Will we be seeing spaghetti meatballs on a pizza soon?

Eskimo Joe- $14 (small)
Malt choc chic cookie base, icing sugar, vanilla ice cream, raspberry fruit sauce

This comes highly recommended by both my hosts. They claimed it as a MUST HAVE for chocolate lovers. The dessert pizza tasted rather extraordinary, chocolate and raspberry... because we had it take away, there isn't any vanilla ice cream on top.

Tea Party- $14 (small)
French cinammon tea cake, icing sugar, caramelized apples and pears, maple syrup

This is another winner IMHO on the gourmet dessert pizza menu. I also like how the dessert pizzas have sprinkled icing sugar on top to make them look 'icy'... The Tea Party pizza taste a little a bit like having apple crumble and fruit pastry. The combinations of the gourmet dessert menu are just great and they make really good substitutes and complements for savoury based pizzas.

And there we have a pizza partaaaay at home!

Little Caesars Pizzeria

Shop 7, 7125 Great Eastern Highway
Mundaring WA 6073,
Perth, Australia.
Tel: 9295 6611
Open 6 days a week, 4pm till late


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

I love pizza especially those with such a selection of flavors. I'd really wanna try that Chicken Fettuccine Pizza! You know how much I love my pasta! Pasta on Pizza, OMG!

For the first time ever, I tastes my first pizza with anchovies in my uni's cafe. It was a Greek styled pizza with tomatoes, green and black olives, onions, cheese, pizza sauce and of course ANCHOVIES! It was yummylicious!

Oliver K. said...

Wei Kakak!
I don't like your blog lar!
It makes me drool without me realising. Take me go mamam please Kakak!

KY said...

I see pacman! :D

Anonymous said...

it's a wonder how you stay slim!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow you are so lucky to get to travell here and there and now shopping pulak! lol!

YilingL said...

Yea I knew you'll be interested to try the Chicken Pettucine pizza.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA :D You know you like my blog!

Good observation!!

High metabolism rate my friend... sometimes may not be a good thing!!

Big Boys Oven,
Lucky I am! Now gotta slave off the rest of the year to save money to go somewhere else next year!

-eiling- said...

i'm so jeles! Let's have pizza partay here too!

Lydia said...

the gourmet bbq looks REALLY delicious! my type of pizza, meaty and bbq! Have fun in Bangkok yiling!

YilingL said...


Suet Mei,
Thanks! Back from Bangkok oredi! but still havent finish my Perth posts :S

J2Kfm said...

yeah, anything with BBQ flavour's gotta be good!

difference is that, the smoky BBQ ranch dressing sauce (or whatever) is delish, but most sour-ish type of BBQ sauce spoils the dish.

now i'm hungry after viewing those pics!

YilingL said...

BBQ flavoured food rocks!

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