Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Burswood Theatre Under the Stars

On my third day in Perth (sorry I know my posts are not in chronological order), Fang and her family organized a movie outing for me. This movie, however is not your ordinary cinema with popcorn movie. It's a romantic outdoor under the stars movie organized by Movies by Burswood.

The 'cinema' is at Burswood where it is also the center of Perth's entertainment area- known as Burswood Entertainment Complex. Within the same compound is the Burswood Casino, seven restaurants, eight bars, two hotels, a club and an auditorium. The whole area is also surrounded by parks and lush greens.

We arrived quite early to 'book' places but there were people much earlier than us. The movie was scheduled at 8pm but we were there about 7.30pm. As you can see, the sun does not set very early in Perth.

Upon admission to the 'cinema', there was an area where people who did not bring anything can rent a beanie sofa. It was $6 but if you return it after the movie ends, you get a refund of $2, which is quite worth it because it's so comfy!

It's quite a nice sight to see people bringing mats, rugs, picnic blankets, foldable chairs etc and making themselves comfortable for the movie. Most of them also brought food, which is quite nice as the authorities don't restrict you from bringing outside food and drinks and cameras as well.

Movie of the night was Bridewars starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. The movie was alright but the most awesome part was when the sky got dark and the stars appeared... the weather was cooling (actually quite cold) and snuggling under the blanket/sweater. It was such a wonderful experience!

I know we do have an outdoor cinema some years back called Nokia Starlights Cinema at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. I have never been to the Starlights cinema, but the experience here in Perth is totally different as you can hardly spot any stars in KL due to too much lights and it's so hot here.

After the movie, we headed home and I suggested to Fang that we should lie at the lawn and watch stars! I never had the chance to do this back home. It was such a nice feeling, to be able to travel 2586 miles to meet your best friend, watch the stars together and have the longest chat ever. To end the night on a sweet note, we even saw 3 shooting stars which we've never seen before!
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