Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i sleep better with...


with the ongoing hoo-hah about nuffnang bday bash & chipster contest, my sister and i thought of doing something similar yet different.

my fav entries of the chipster contest--> jen's poetic chipster poem, ky's lord of the chipster & most crazy purchase of chipsters, and suanie's definitely sleeping better with chipster during work.

whoever can guess the correct number of jigs packets in the picture wins a golden ticket to join us eating all those chips in an imaginery chips party!!

every children's dream... of waking up to a bed of potato chips!

i wish jack & jill will give us a macbook after this... since we're probably the only two crazy sisters who did something for a contest that did not exist!

p/s: i didnt really count the exact packets of jigs. so, go figure!
pp/s: jigs IS really my fav potato crisps at the moment.
ppp/s: this is not an advertorial and we're not paid to do this, though we certainly hope they do when they see this.

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