Thursday, August 13, 2009

Father's Day BBQ

I think I'm earning a little reputation on being a blogger who's 1) too busy (not lazy ok!) to update her blog and 2) a blogger who has quite a bit of backlogs to clear. So, that explains why I'm only posting on Father's Day when it was errr... 2 months back??

Mom bought a new cooking gadget from her last trip to Dubai- an Open BBQ Grill, very convenient as it's small and portable but runs on electricity, so no it cannot replace the good ol' charcoal pits!

We had pork chops...

Grilled prawns...

... and grilled squid.

*Tadah!* A wholesome homemade BBQ dinner. The grill is easy to use and best bit is you can see the oil dripping away... and it's fun to act like a hotel grill chef sometimes!

Headin' to Malacca tomorrow! And on a mission to NOT eat the usual Malaccan food (ie. chicken rice balls), gonna hunt for new food :-)

Will be back with pictures, cheers!
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