Monday, February 21, 2011

Chesa Swiss, Colombo

Chesa Swiss

Chesa Swiss is perhaps (in my humble opinion) one of the best Swiss/ Western restaurant in Colombo and Sri Lanka. I made my maiden visit at the end of January and since then I revisited it once every week! It's layout and setting is homely, nothing as fancy as some of the so-called fine dining hotel restaurants but attracts a steady regular expat crowd and some well to do locals. The kitchen is helmed by Swiss chef Michael and well managed by the beautiful Catherine from Paris.

Having been there 4 times in a month and different dishes every visit allowed me to sample a fair bit of what Chesa Swiss has to offer.

6-course tasting menu- Rs. 3,250 (RM89): Duck liver mousse on red onion marmalade with toasted brioche; Complimentary fried fish; Mushroom consomme with port wine; Mixed seafood risotto in lobster sauce

Tournedos of beef fillet served on asparagus crepe & green pepper corn sauce; Lime sorbet with gin; Fresh strawberries with cream

White chocolate mousse & fresh strawberries Millefeuille; Complimentary starter

During my first visit, I tried the 6-course tasting menu (the next day after I had the 24-dish degustation from Tao). I really liked all 6-courses with special memories for the lime sorbet (though it was meant for pallate cleansing) and steak done medium rare, tender and juicy just the way I love it. I didn't expect to have steak in Sri Lanka but since I had the ball rolling on this one, I just craved for a piece of steak every now and then!

Raclette- Rs. 980 (RM27); Shrimp cocktail with melon and toast- Rs. 580 (RM16)

Grilled duck breast on orange & pepper sauce- Rs. 1,600 (RM44); Pork tenderloin- Rs. 980 (RM27)

Fillet of garoupa 'Grandmother style'- Rs. 850 (RM23); Lamb rib chops- Rs. 2,200 (RM61)

The second visit was with my family where I also brought them here for our 1st day of CNY dinner. I was again craving for steak but my dad would glare at me the whole night if I did since he doesn't take beef due to religion circumstances, I had duck instead also done medium rare. I like it as well as it and I think the rest of my family likes their own dishes as well since there were no complains.

Traditional Swiss cheese fondue with white wine, flavoured with Kirsch- Rs. 1,980 (RM54)

Carpaccio of beef fillet with parmesan and rocket salad- Rs. 850 (RM23); Mussels with white wine- Rs. 1,850 (RM51)

The third visit was with a visiting friend of mine all the way from Ipoh! Though it was only 2 of us, we decided to do the expected- pig out! This time, we tried the cheese fondue (it's my first cheese fondue by the way), beef carpaccio and mussels for starters and had the 6-course tasting menu again as I raved to her about the lime sorbet and steak. My friend loves the duck liver pate and steak but unfortunately the seafood risotto was a miss that night as it was too moist and lacked texture.

Beef tenderloin (150g)- Rs. 2,300 (RM63)

Finally, since it is going to be my final week in Sri Lanka, I decided to pay a visit again to Chesa Swiss and had a 150g tenderloin myself! The steak never failed me and there is nothing more satisfying than having a piece of juicy medium rare steak on your own......

Chesa Swiss
3, Deal Place,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +940112573433

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. Please don't sue me, I don't have money. Kthxbye.]
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