Monday, September 7, 2009

Malay Style Seafood @ Crystal Bay, Malacca

Pick me! Pick me!

Seafood is always synonymous to Chinese/Western style of cooking- the lavish kind you can find at big but sometimes overpriced seafood restaurants? When in Malacca few weeks back, a kind local friend of ours took us for seafood- Malay kampung style seafood.

Cook me! Cook me!

This seafood place is located quite far from the Malacca city centre (by small town standards, I think it is far) and the place is called Crystal Bay. Quite a nice name but the actual on site location begs to differ, ha ha. Anyway, that's besides the point. There are a few stalls, all in the seafood business so naturally we picked the stall with the most people. There are a variety of catches for you to pick your dinner from. We picked our fish, prawns, squid and kupang.

Warm Nasi Lemak- RM0.50 per pack

The style of eating here is with nasi lemak, small but warm and fluffy. An average person can probably gobble 3 or 4 of this at one sitting. But of course, we're not here for nasi lemak, so we shall leave space for the main dishes!

Udang Bakar (Grilled Prawns?)- RM4.50 each

Butter Prawns- RM4.50 (each)

We picked 6 prawns, 3 done in butter style and the rest purely grilled to taste the freshness. The prawns are big and fresh, I think they are fresh water prawns. Bakar style of butter style, both were fresh and tangy.

Ikan Jenak Bakar (Grilled Jernak Fish)- RM19.50

For our grilled fish, we chose the Jenak type. This was fresh too and the grilled aroma was too good to be resisted!

Sotong Bakar (Grilled Squid)- RM10

While the sotong bakar was nothing fantastic to shout about, it was fat and tangy which will surely send the cholestrol level rocket high! Oh and grilled crispy tentacles are yums!

Kupang (Local Mussels)- RM8

Surely, there's got to be something soupy among all the grilled dishes right? We ordered the kupang which are also known as local mussels (not as big, fat, and orangy as the western ones) done in sweet & sour style. For RM8, I think the dish was quite a steal!

The total bill came up to RM66.45 for 3 persons inclusive of nasi lemak and coconut water.

Warisan Aroma Kita Stall No.2
@ Crystal Bay, Melaka.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]
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