Saturday, November 17, 2007

cheap thrills... no frills #1

this will be the first episode of my "cheap thrills... no frills" series... whereby i will cook! and absolutely no need to use any money cos all the ingredients are rummaged from the fridge, the cupboards, the shelves... just about any places where food are stored at home!! yes, there's still free breakfast/lunch/dinner when you're still a student living with and under parents' expenses!

sick of instant noodles, i cooked my own 4 course dinner + a drink. i aint a very good cook, but i dont think i will die lah if stranded at home. a week has past since i had this dinner and im still alive and kicking! heh, so i dont think my cooking was anything harmful or poisonous. lol.

p/s: please try not to laugh at the simplicity of my meals. remember, i aint a good cook ;-)

oh harro! welcome to my 'restaurant'...

the menu



soup of the day- cream of mushroom

as easy as abc right??



ham golden mushroom maki

step 1: prepare a few slices of ham (had to makedo with ham cos i dont have bacon) and some enoki (golden mushroom)

step 2: roll 'em up. tie with spring onion or just poke through using toothpick

step 3: heat some oil (not too much, else too oily)

step 4: pan fry the rolls until ham and mushrooms are lightly brown

step 5: serve!



cheezy golden treasure omelet

step 1: prepare ingredients. alil' bit of anything you can find. mine- fishballs, fishcakes, enoki, ham, chopped onions, spring onions

step 2: heat abit of oil

step 3: stir fry till cooked and golden brown

step 4: dish up and leave aside

step 5: beat up an egg, add a pinch of salt and pepper

step 6: pour beaten egg in pan and allow it to set

step 7: put a slice of cheddar
(initially i wanted to use mozarella but couldnt find in the fridge)

step 8: throw in the cooked ingredients, wait for omelet to be fully cooked

step 9: dish up

step 10: add some black pepper for flavouring
(mcdonald's black pepper always come in handy, request for more to keep next time you buy your mcdonalds!)



cherries and chocolate cupcake

ask mom/sis to make and have it for dessert!
(sorry i dont have the recipe)



BOH's hot golden blend tea


my own 4 course dinner!

now you see it...

... now you dont! *burps*

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