Wednesday, April 9, 2008

pictures of this and that

to be frank, i dont have any food post (backlogs cleared!) and i am very very very busy studying for my finals of all finals in my 15+ years of studying. i've been confined at home eating maggie mee, so unless you want me to post my my maggie mee lunches... here are photos of this and that accumulated for the past month or so (in no chronological order).

most taken with my n95, quality's pretty impressive i must say!


visit to bank negara, love the background! (if only it was real gold, heehee)

the only place i've chanced on 'tau' spring water being offered
... and it's in friend's cafe ipoh!

with khian and yee san while waiting for jac :)
khian- one of my closest ipoh/mgs friends after all these years...
yee san- haha we go wayyyy long back in time. since standard 1, ms daisy!! :-)

mgs girlfriends reunion! jac why your bro never look up wan?????

count the toyota estima(s)! actually still got a few more but too shy to take picture from outside. i can only stare with envy from my bedroom... and snap picture! apparently it was an estima owners cny gathering organized by my neighbor

yes, you icsj folks in aus/us/uk/whereever u are... a lil' update for u bout our long awaited new campus! all 10 stories as promised :-) sorry there are not the latest photos but u get the picture :) *click for larger view- bad photo editing (just to show u guys the building's really long!)

sneak preview of the new library @ 5th floor!
inti's fav color seems to be pastel green...

ipoh famous mountains along the highway

offerings to gong-gong whom i've never come to know of...

DiGi's super awesome workplace!
(2nd pic) that's a bakery IN the office!
(3rd pic) so pretty!!!

caramel machiato- love the color! taste awesome as well!
thanks to khian, i learnt to surf the net using my n95 too :-)

surprise parcel received today!

the most beautiful musical snowglobe i've ever seen and own... <3


will resume food-blogging after mother-of-all-exams! till then... wish me loadsa luck!
10 more days to......... FREEDOM!

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