Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vietnamese cuisine @ O'viet Restaurant

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mixed grill platter- rm24.90
a combination of traditional vietnamese appetizers such as fried spring rolls, grilled beef and chicken, sugarcane shrimps, healthy greens and paper rice to make your own yummy rolls

this review takes us back to at least 2 months ago when calvin and i met up with my fellow ipoh besties fang, her sister yi hua and another bestie jacqueline (who's now in columbia university which is in NY and not columbia, HAHA dont be confused and so n00b like me). with the new wing and all at sunway pyramid, it was still a tough task for me to find a proper good place for a meet up lunch.

calvin and i have tasted the food here, so it was kind of a 'tried and tested' place, but we didnt have the same dishes as we had the first time, so in any way this is still a food review!

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paper roll you can eat!

we both were given the ultimate task to order food of course. we decided to have a more family-like lunch where food are shared instead of individual meals. for appetizers, the mixed grill platter was ordered as it is always recommended to have a mix of everything if you don't know what to order!

i would give 2 thumbs up for the appetizer especially the paper roll, nice to see and nice to eat too!! it was quite funny to see everyone trying to wrap the roll without tearing it. wrapped with a little bit of greens and chicken/beef slices, and then dipped with either the peanut sauce or the nuoc cham sauce (a type of vietnamese sauce), it was indeed a delightful start to a great wholesome meal.

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don't you feel like taking a bite too?

the main dishes arrived not long after and we had them with rice.

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chicken with basil

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grilled lemongrass fish on banana leaf

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chef's recommended toufu

as this was eaten and digested about 2 months ago, i have misplaced the receipt and couldn't remember the exact price and name of the dishes. but if my memory serves me right, the chicken with basil was ok with the basil not too overpowering but taste relatively normal chinese-style cooking. the grilled fish was another unmemorable dish- grilled fish, on a banana leaf and with the littlest (if not any) hint of lemongrass. last but not least, the toufu came as the most disappointing dish, an absolute miss from what we had expected since it was labelled as chef's recommended.

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durian pancake- rm5.90 for 2pcs

all hopes not lost yet as we patiently anticipated for the durian pancake. we both have had this before, so it was not a surprising dessert. it tasted ok, just what it is supposed to taste like- fluffy whipped cream and durian flesh enrobed in a pancake wrap. recommended if you're having durian cravings in a vietnamese restaurant.

overall, it was a hit and miss lunch affair with the mixed grill platter and durian pancake receiving some accolades while the mains were generally disappointing. the bill came to a total of (if i remember correctly...) rm170++ for 6 persons, so it's not exactly cheap.

o'viet restaurant
g1.45 ground floor, sunway pyramid old wing.
tel: 03-74920018

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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