Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The T-Junction Question

Can you spot the pink, red, and yellow taxis?

I meant to start writing on Bangkok but I'm not done with editing the photos. So anyway, here's a 'Food For Thought' question for you guys today. It's just something that popped up in my mind when I was stuck in the horrible jam to work.

Imagine this,
You're at a T-Junction. The roads are jammed up. At one junction is a Fire Brigade truck with fully dressed firemen. At another is an Ambulance with its siren on. At the third junction is the King's official car with all His Majesty's police escorts and safety cars with their hazard lights blinking.

Question: Who do you think have the rights to be given way FIRST? The Fire Brigade, Ambulance or the King?

Remember, not giving way to anyone of them is an offence ;-)

There's no right or wrong to this question of course, just that I want to know how you guys will react if such a situation was to occur. Please state your answer and a brief explanation :) Thanks!
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