Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The T-Junction Question

Can you spot the pink, red, and yellow taxis?

I meant to start writing on Bangkok but I'm not done with editing the photos. So anyway, here's a 'Food For Thought' question for you guys today. It's just something that popped up in my mind when I was stuck in the horrible jam to work.

Imagine this,
You're at a T-Junction. The roads are jammed up. At one junction is a Fire Brigade truck with fully dressed firemen. At another is an Ambulance with its siren on. At the third junction is the King's official car with all His Majesty's police escorts and safety cars with their hazard lights blinking.

Question: Who do you think have the rights to be given way FIRST? The Fire Brigade, Ambulance or the King?

Remember, not giving way to anyone of them is an offence ;-)

There's no right or wrong to this question of course, just that I want to know how you guys will react if such a situation was to occur. Please state your answer and a brief explanation :) Thanks!


Yatz said...

why? why u give such a question? it's like if the husband/wife and mother both drowning..who will you save first shit! =P

Mei Ling said...

For me it will be fire brigade,ambulance then the king.:p.Is between the fire brigade or the ambulance for the first 2 but king surely the last as it is already a norm for the people to wait for the king so why not?:p

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

If the King wanna show people that he cares, he'd ask a couple of his police escorts to escort the fire truck and ambulance through the traffic. This is provided that the King can see both the ambulance and the fire truck.

But your question asks who FIRST...

I'd go for the ambulance first. Cause a life might be at risk. Next, the fire truck with the hope that it's only the building burning with noone trapped. The King... The meeting or appointment can be delayed. No lives at risk here...

Melanie said...

It's 6.03 a.m now and I haven't sleep! Was really sleepy until I read your blog and pondered about the question you asked.

For me, I would save the ambulance first. Reason : You can lose a life in seconds.

Second would be the fire brigade. Though someone might be trapped but it takes a while for the fire to spread, meaning that before the fire would eventually destroy the whole place, someone whose at the scene could help.

Third would be the King. He's the king and he is suppose to think for the country. So, if I'm jailed for giving way to an ambulance or fire brigade, it shows what a lousy king he is :P

YilingL said...

Haha or the if your wife and your mother drowns who will you save first?? Why never answer my question?? :(

Mei Ling,
So you're assuming that the King is going to a function, so people can wait for His Majesty? Fair enough.

Very good reasoning there! No right or wrong here but fair enough if that's what you think should happen.

I hope I wasn't the cause for you not sleeping! Your reasoning is similar to Calvin. Looks like the King has to take a back seat here! But good reasoning too though :)

Big Boys Oven said...

i will give it to the ambulance first! I am serious lol!

Lydia said...

Firstly, I think the King should give way to the Fire Brigade or the ambulance too.
As to whether I will give way to the ambulance or the firebrigade, I'd choose the former. My reason is that there while the fire brigade may be rushing to save lives, they are also deployed for many other reasons such as rescuing cats from trees, catching snakes and etc. An ambulance on the other hand, would not normally be deployed unless in life-threatening circumstances.

Good question, yiling! Got me thinking before I head off to bed tonight :)

YilingL said...

Big Boys Oven,
Wah so serious :p Straight to the point eh, ambulance FIRST!! :D

Suet Mei,
Hmmm... good point/assumption made there regarding the Fire Brigade being deployed for other petty matters besides putting out fire! No wonder you did Law... heheh :p

Khian said...

Yiling..:( My brain cells dying..

KY said...

where's the baby blue ones???

Cath J said...

Hahaha...answer:Just give a way and let all those important people jalan together...pandai2 lah they all...siapa cepat dia di

I knw silly answer...

kampungboycitygal said...

well ambulance, nothing is more imporatant than saving a life..but the same applies to fire brigade too! how la dilemma liao

J2Kfm said...

the King definitely will go last. i'm sure all the King's men and horses wont mind. :)

Anonymous said...

I seconded everyone's thoughtful opinions...Ambulance should be given priority, followed by Fire brigate, thirdly, King and lastly, Me...Reasons are obvious...As the alphabet goes A should come before F, K and lastly M...hehe...
Have a nice day!!!

YilingL said...

HAHA. Makes you use your brains huh.

Eh got baby blue meh... maybe when I tangkap gambar that time no baby blue passed by. But our focus should be the PINK taxis!!

Cath J,
Haha mesti the King cepat cos the driver sure damn cun one!

Hahaha. Worst than thinking "What to eat....??" is it?? :p

Hehe horses here you mean the Ferraris right?? :p

Wow! I'm really impressed by your answer! The best one so far :D

Huai Bin said...

I'm torn between the Fire Brigade and Ambulance. I'm going to choose Ambulance as priority #1 coz it's definately saving lives.

Fire Brigade goes #2 coz not everyone dies in fires (usually they have more than enough time to evac if only they put in the proper safety proceedured e.g. smoke detectors, fire extinguishers etc) and it might be a prank call.

King goes last. He should respect the wishes of his Kingdom and think for the welfare of the common people...not be treated as Royalty, but to treat his people as Royalty.

...that is what a true King is.

YilingL said...

Your response is similar like most of the rest. But good definition on what a true King is ;)

jhnhth said...

You simply give way - and let them sort it out. But if I were directing traffic, I would let the ambulance go first, they tend to accelerate faster than fire trucks.

YilingL said...

I don't think giving them the option to sort it out themselves would be a good option. Rationally speaking, you're just gonna waste time, create a more massive traffic jam and I don't think the King will come out of the car himself to do the dirty job. But yes I do agree on Ambulance able to accelerate faster than Fire Brigades!

-eiling- said...

I think the KING would want to go first!

YilingL said...

U or the King :p

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