Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mango Tree @ Suvarnabhumi Airport

On our last day, we decided to be safe than sorry and took a taxi to the airport about 2 hours earlier. True enough we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport with about 2 hours to spare. The checking in was pretty breezy, and we were in the dutyfree shopping area in no time.

Fresh Orange Juice- 110 Bahts

Knowing how both of us are very much into dutyfree related shopping, we spent a good hour or so browsing through the DF goods- liquor, chocolates, perfumes, tobacco etc. Generally the DF goods in BKK Airport is higher than in KLIA, so we didn't buy any. We had wanted to grab dinner before flying back to Malaysia, our initial plan was to have McDonald's pork burger, but sadly we were told there is no McD in Suvarnabhumi Airport! I was obviously very disappointed as I had been looking forward for it :(

Ultimately, we had to settle for some food and since I had a balance of about 1000 Bahts, we decided to dine lavishly and so we chose Mango Tree.

Young Coconut- 110 Bahts

We had our drinks, Young Coconut for Eiling and Fresh Orange Juice for me :) Well, it was my last chance to have the awesome orange juice so I had to order it even though it is quite expensive now that I think about it :/

Khor Moo Yang- 190 Bahts

We were quite tempted by the pictures in the menu, one of the items that caught our eyes was Khor Moo Yang, which is actually Grilled Pork Neck. Honestly, the picture of the meat in the menu was much leaner but the real dish looks pretty fat. It was rather fat, and of course we didn't eat the fats! Quite a disappointment :(

Tom Yum Goong- 230 Bahts

We ordered a Tom Yum Goong to share and it was pretty good. Not too spicy, just nice...

Ayuthaya Beef Noodles- 190 Bahts

The Ayuthaya Beef Noodles was on promotion and is one of the cheapest mains on the menu. It has been quite some time since I last had beef noodles, so I thought it'll be fantastic to have it here just to see if there's any difference between the Thai version and the Malaysian version. Tastewise, the flavours and what's in the bowl of noodles is no difference than what we have back home. It is rather good and the kitchen was particularly generous with the beef parts (beef balls, tripes, tendon, beef slices) :)

Phad Thai Goong- 200 Bahts

Eiling had the Thai Char Kuey Teow or known as Phad Thai Goong. The flat rice noodle used here is thinner in width, somewhat like fettuccine. Eiling didn't give a good review on this though and didn't really finish it too. Therefore, I would like to praise myself for making a smart choice by ordering the beef noodles :p

Final meal in Bangkok

The whole meal cost us 1102.10 Bahts (about RM110) and I used up every penny of Baht I have left in my wallet for the meal. If not for the fried cricket bugger who conned me, I would have an extra 980 Bahts for another supper on Air Asia or something. Grrrrrr......

Mango Tree
@ Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]
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