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las carretas restaurant & bar

las carretas restaurant & bar

if you noticed the date stamps on the pictures, they're the same date as the vietnam kitchen pictures (read: backdated entry again). after calvin and i went to vietnam kitchen, we proceeded to las carretas for our second dinner cos calvin isnt a big fan of vietnamese food :(

vietnam kitchen and las carretas are in the same usj taipan area. there are many many eatery places in taipan alone and it was our 'mission' to try everything there, but maybe next time when calvin comes back for good *wink* and when we both are financially independent.

the interior

anytheway! las carretas is a mexican food joint. it has outlets in subang, ampang and damansara. so if you're living anywhere in these part of the world, do pay a visit to las carretas as theres hardly any GOOD mexican food joints around (i think...?).

antique furnitures you think?

*gotcha!* they're actually miniature decorations...

to start off with, las carretas boasts a very nice ambience for meals, be it with family, friends, celebrating birthdays or even closing a business deal. the downside was that the subang outlet we went to was abit cramped but the goodsides are that its a double storey shop and it has quite good service.

las carretas offers a broad range of food and beverages, from
antojitos (appetizers) to entradas traditionales (main courses) to gauchito (for children) to postres (desserts) and not forgetting a loooooong list of drinks, you can opt for jugo (juices), aguas (mineral water), quenchers, cerveza (beers), wine coolers, cocktails, mocktails, coffee, tea, spirits and liqueurs, wines and champagnes, 'something caliente' (whatever that means), and omgggg there're just too many to name.

and these were what we ordered:

nachos originale-plain- rm14.50
crisp tortilla chips gratinated with jalapenos, bell pepper relish, enchilada sauce

sopa de rabo- rm9.00
spicy oxtail soup served in a thick broth along with a piece of lime

mussels in coriander habanero- rm20.90
black mussels lightly simmered in its own broth, flavored with fresh coriander spiced with habaneros, served with 2 pieces of warm flour tortillas

chimichanga- rm22.90
crisp fried tortilla bursting with plenty of cheese, minced beef or chicken, topped with enchilada sauce guacamole and sour cream

jumbo magarita- rm25.50
served in a jumbo margarita glass concocted from jose cuervo gold tequila, bols triple sec

as everything was digested 2 months ago, i cant really recall how everything taste like but i dont remember having any complains about it either, so i guess everything was great (if no news= good news, no complains= good, right??).

price-wise, i guess its normal-lah for the mains to be within rm20-40+ unless you order the steaks. prices for wines range from rm100-rm1800 (probably got gold residue in it, hehe), while house wines are at rm16 per glass and rm92 per bottle. for a complete list of pricing (or complete virtual menu), please refer to the link above. i always make it a priority to find out prices and the menu first, so i will know what to order and how much to budget.

p/s: reading food blogs helps too :)

oh yes, before i forget and digress... the review.

the jumbo margarita is meant for TWO. its quite JUMBO, really. the mussles were quite good too as they're quite big and succulent (not the tiny kiamsiap ones) and they're plenty of 'em. the broth tasted great too when dipped with the soft fluffy tortilla. i cant remember how the oxtail soup tasted like, but it wasnt spicy lor (or was it as in its description??). i didnt have much of the chimichanga cos i was just too full from the vietnamese food, but i like the name. hehe sounds like a word from the "chitty chitty bang bang" musical.

worth a visit if you're feeling 'anything, anywhere, whatever' about what to eat OR simply feel like going mexican.

las carretas subang jaya
no. 29 usj 10/1f,
47620 subang uep,

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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