Saturday, February 12, 2011

Negombo, Sri Lanka in pictures

My favourite picture

Negombo is a coastal town about 40km north of Colombo. For the unfamiliar, Negombo is also where the Bandaranaike International Airport (Sri Lanka's main airport and point of entry/ exit) is located. Although it is just a mere 40km away, the unsophisticated road conditions (trunk roads equivalent) makes traveling to Negombo from Colombo city not as near as the distance seems to suggest, taking at least a 45 mins - 1 hour drive depending on traffic.

There are many tourists here, most choose Negombo as an overnight stopover especially if their flights depart early in the morning or arrive late at night. The beach is not impressive (not sure if it's because of the rain earlier) and has a steep shore, not exactly the ultimate beach paradise but does makes a good enough day trip of soaking in sea breeze and sun.

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