Tuesday, April 7, 2009

East Perth and Little Moorish Restaurant

I have a feeling I can complete this whole Perth chapter end of this week. Heheh, so here's today's story...

On my final day, my host family brought me to Eastbrook Terrace @ East Perth. The weather was rather chilly that evening which was quite nice... having a scarf around you (something I can only do when I'm in the office- super cold! What's Earth Hour, again? :p) and a spectacular view of the East Perth riverside. Again, needless for me to say, the sky was really beautiful :)

To see the world in the end of a tunnel

There are quite a number of cafes along the riverside and since my host family has been so hospitable to me (ie. free accomodation, transportation, meals, entertainment etc) I made them allow me to buy them dinner on my final day. We walked around the area looking for a suitable cafe for the 'farewell' meal.

We picked Little Moorish Restaurant for the occassion. Little Moorish specializes in Moroccan-North African cuisines. The Moors is the name given by the Europeans to the people from Morocco of mixed Arab and Berber descent who invaded Spain, Portugal, Sicily and Provence.

What's not to love about water bottles like this....

Vegetarian Tapas Plate- $27
Cinnamon pumpkin dip, tarragon haloumi tahini and dhukah yoghurt, Zaalouk dip, potato cakes on couscous tabouleh and turkish bread

Bisteeya- $29
Moroccan delight with cinnamon flavoured chicken and almond in crisp egg brushed pastry garnished with fresh pastry garnished with fresh orange and lettuce served with honey orange and mint sauce

Essaaouira Salmon- $32
Seared pink salmon fillet served on nicoise salad of green beans, tomato, kalamata olives, egg and potato with olive oil and lemon chermoula sauce

The food is pretty good to be honest, especially the Bisteeya which everyone gave their thumbs up. The orange sauce complemented the pastry enveloping the cinnamon flavoured chicken and stuffings. The salmon was very fresh and has a little sourish flavour to it due to the lemon sauce. Overall, dinner was very enjoyable and I'm glad I had a wonderful 'final' meal in Perth. Price wise, it's expensive! But I keep telling myself, "Don't convert, don't convert...." Well it's delicious anyway, so it's money well spent!

As we were having our meal, the sun began to set and by the time we were done, it was already dark. The riverside is really beautiful with all the lights on creating reflections on the water. It'll be really nice to have an after meal stroll, appreciating the lights and sights that East Perth has to offer at night.

Supposed to be artistic photo

Fang asked me to pose for a picture with the lamp post. Hmmm... I look like I'm searching for the light in life or a jakun Malaysian who've never seen a lamp post -_-

Little Moorish Restaurant
Suite 4/10
Eastbrook Terrace (Lake side)
East Perth, WA 6004
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