Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flying High with MAS Golden Lounge

MAS Golden Lounge Satellite

2 weeks back, I was asked by my boss to have a field visit to KLIA, in her exact words, "to see what other people are doing". In my own interpretation it would be, "no need to go office and work, yay!"

I suppose one of the things that I enjoy being in the travel retail industry is having a pass to enter the insides of the airport freely, where most people would need a boarding pass and passport to do so. Although I do not have the privilege to own the real airport pass, having a "Pas Pelawat" does the trick too ;-)

First Class Lounge

So there I was in KLIA, armed with my camera. Eiling who was in KLIA that day promised me that she will bring me in to the exclusive Golden Lounge- where only First Class and Business Class passengers and the Very Very Important People are allowed access. The Golden Lounge is located at the Satellite Building (after stepping out from Aerotrain). Upon entering, there is a reception to greet you. Payphones and empty cubicles line along the way for you to make calls with a bit of privacy. Further inside, on the right side will be the special Platinum Lounge for the VVIPs and on the right is the lounge for Business Class passengers. Straight ahead, the largest lounge would be the First Class area (as shown above).

Buffet spread

There is an eating area where a buffet spread is ready for consumption. Here are what the buffet spread has to offer:

Clockwise from Top (L-R):
Assorted Malay Kuih, Assorted Desserts, Assorted Fresh Fruits,
Xmas House made from Fidani Chocolate, Hot Soup, Assorted Sandwiches

Salad Bar

Then there is also a salad bar for those who can't live without greens!


And some appetizers. There's the Coriander Ginger Fried Shrimp, Garlic Bruschetta with Roasted Tomato and Morrocan Fartoush Salad.

Assorted Cheeses, Plain & Fruits Yogurt

For those who love dairy.

Liquor Bar

And a liquor bar offering free flow of booze for the alcoholics or those who are deprived of booze on the plane (eh but I think if you're travelling First Class, they do offer you liquor on board right?). Johnnie Walker? Check! Chivas? Check! Absolut? Check! Jack Daniels? Check! Bombay Sapphire? Check! Grey Goose Vodka, Bacardi...

Assorted chilled wines for your unlimited consumption.

... Piper Heidsieck champagne included!

Ice cream Cakes, Non-alcoholic beverages

For those who prefer nothing alcoholic, there is always the soft drinks, lassi and juices chiller to fulfill your needs. Like me, I think many of you are more drawn to the liquor corner eh... If you prefer hot beverages like a cuppa cappucino or hot chocolate, you can always order it through the staff.

Oh there's also ice cream cakes, eat all you want and eat all you can! Not Baskin Robbins though but I don't think they will compromise quality when you're in a place called The Golden Lounge!

Fish Porridge

There was a menu on the table which lists the items available for breakfast and lunch. I wanted to have the Taiwan Beef Noodles but it was only available for lunch, so I had to settle for the Fish Porridge in the breakfast menu. Nothing fantastic but having fish porridge for breakfast in an international airport for free is quite a luxury to me already.

Coriander Ginger Fried Shrimp

Again nothing fantastic, though I really love the presentation of it!

Decided to make a move when my tummy's full and it was back to my assignment of the day- "seeing what other people are doing" instead of spending the day hanging out at the Golden Lounge! Tq E for the priceless visit, a place where I can only dream of!

On an unrelated note,

If you're traveling, do remember to stop by this shop just right after immigration and bag scanning. It is no doubt one of the best airport liquor shop in Malaysia! Note the creative use of martini glasses stacked on top of each other to create a very "glassy" perception.
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