Monday, January 7, 2008

beef tomato fettuccine

its been awhile since my last 'cheap thrills... no frills' entries eh?

anyway, this is also a backdated cookout- about a month ago. i was (still am) craving for something beefy and so i decided to cook a beef pasta. i tried googling for recipe but none caught my eyes. so i thought, "ahh, what can be so hard huh?"

#STEP 1: prepare ingredients-

#STEP 2: boil pasta (i used fettuccine). after pasta is cooked, drain and add tiny slabs of butter , toss well so that they dont stick.

#STEP 3: cook beef strips till bout medium rare, leave aside. then sauté onions till golden brown. add beef, pasta sauce (i used ready made prego fresh mushroom tomato sauce). add bits of cheddar cheese and wedges of fresh tomatoes. allow to simmer for awhile before serving.

#STEP 4: enjoy!

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