Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: another year come and gone...

its the time for an obligatory post on what the year has been like... the ups, the downs, the good and the bad.

it was one heck of a year comprising of bittersweet memories.

a year of perseverance and hangin on in there.

... what comes up must come down. and so it was a time when we had to pat each other's back and say "thanks guys, couldnt have done it without you." good and bad times that will forever be etched in my memory- the 31st intima.

a year of love, care and knowing each other more.

a year of new opportunities, recognition, achievements and realizing our own potential.

a year of pride, happiness and joy for my *cough* loved *cough* ones.

a year of farewell, goodbyes and see you soon.

a year of being supportive of cultural music! *live and loud kl rocks!*

a year of strengthening old friendships...

... and forging new ties.

a year of celebrations.
and most presents i got in my whole 20 years. thanks guys (esp you calvin)!

and the best present i had for myself for the year was...

an A1 for a final year subject!

greg asked me what my new year resolutions are...

stayin' true as a food blogger, of cos it must be... TO VISIT EVERY EATERY OUTLET IN THE CURVE!! hahahaha.

and i promise *fingers and toes crossed!* to work hard for my final semester :-)

and improving on my card making skills!

happy new year folks! hope 2008 will be a better year for you and me :-)
go out and celebrate but dont get too wasted!

... till i write again, next year ;-) cheersssssss!

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