Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Most Awesomest 100% Orange Juice

The answer to the question in the previous post is.... as above :)

The first encounter with this drink was when we were at Chaktuchak Market, after walking around for hours under the scorching heat. This precious gem of a stall was found just when we were about to exit the market and was craving for some Bangkok street food. It's quite surprising that I've never seen this mentioned in any blogs while satay babi, fried bugs, and other skewered grill items are mentioned everywhere.

Now this really deserves a mention and the limelight.

The orange is squeezed fresh and just like what it claims to be- 100% Orange Juice with no preservative or sugar water or ice added. What makes orange juice here extra special is the type of orange used, instead of the western Sunkist oranges or the usual ones you see in the supermarkets, Thai orange juice is squeezed from tangerines, which is another variety in the citrus family. It taste somewhat similar to the mandarin oranges we have on CNY and the little mini mandarins that comes in a big bag.

The taste is absolutely good, I really love the Thai version of Orange Juice. I had 4 bottles after all! It was at 50 Baht (about RM5) for the big bottle and 30 Baht (about RM3) for the small bottle.

While I was too engrossed with my orange juice, Eiling was at the next stall picking out some absolutely tempting sausages. There were quite a few selections of different sausages, and I think it's in a variety of pork and chicken.

This stall was making quite a brisk business as everyone loves sausages! They're like comfort food to me, besides potatoes and eggs. Are you tempted too?

Eiling had a pick of few types of sausages and it only cost 50 Baht (aboutRM5) for the handsome selection. I think the sign says the sausages are Grade A.

Smothered with some tomato sauce, these little cocktail bite sized sausages provided such comfort to our stomach after a long and tiring round of shopping. And as you can see, it's unlike the streetside sausages we get back home (ie. pasar malam). These are good grade sausages that are fat, meaty, juicy and succulent.

Now a gulp of this, and a bite of that........

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