Thursday, February 5, 2009

Simply Penang @ 1 Utama

A few days before CNY, my Dad was back from Dubai. Coincidentally, the Part 2 of Red Cliff was out. Initially Z and I decided to watch together but Dad said he wanted to join as well, he being one who loves Chinese historical and martial arts kinda movie. Seeing that we managed to convince him to give us a movie treat, it was a daughter-father outing that Saturday.

Red Cliff 1 was quite an entertaining movie, I especially love the war formation using the 'ba gua' which I found it ingenius though it may just be a make-up story and not what truly happened in history. Red Cliff 2 was equally entertaining, perhaps it's one of the very very few Mandarin speaking movie that I enjoyed most. The plot is exciting and the character of Zhu Geliang (played by Takeshi Kaneshiro), war strategist (we would call him a 'Genius' in modern times) is just ingenius especially the part where he managed to collect 100,000 arrows without a sweat! To sum it up, it's definitely a must watch movie of the year!

Penang Famous Char Koay Teow- RM9.50

Sorry a little bit of digression up there. I can't recall if we had lunch first or movie first. Anyway, Dad suggested having something local as the poor man's been deprived of Malaysian food for far too long. We headed to Simply Penang, located in quite a hidden corner, somewhere near gemstore Lavin NY, owned, managed and operated by Dad's old classmate.

The restaurant seemed to be enjoying brisk business so food must be up to par, you think?

Thai Famous Tom Yam Noodle- RM9.90

Penang Famous Assam Laksa- RM8.90

Fish Ball Soup (10 pcs)- RM5.50

Simple Penang Cendol- RM4.00

To be fair, the service was commendable but the food wasn't that great. Z complained about her Assam Laksa- the noodles were splitted, so it's like eating on a million pieces of noodle rather than slurping on a long strand. She didn't quite enjoy her dish and left it after half a bowl. I had the Tom Yam Noodle. While I would like to applaud them for a big serving (to justify the price), it was a case of 'give more noodles but scrimp on the seafood'. I think there were only 2 pcs of prawns and fish fillet, while my favourite squid was not in sight! I didn't finish mine too.

Dad's CKT was ok I suppose though I doubt it can be as good as streetside stalls given that the ultimate factor to produce a plate of delectable CKT is the WOK HEI! Is it Penang style to put grated coconut on top? The cendol was equally dismissable, too little Gula Melaka! Oh maybe they would have given more if it was Gula Pinang? Perhaps the only consolation to the lunch affair was the bowl of fish balls which pass in terms of springyness and taste.

Luckily it was Z's treat or else I would have broken my resolution #5. Till then, all resolutions remain unbroken :)

Simply Penang
F237, 1st Floor, Promenade,
One Utama.
Tel: 03-77290026

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]
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