Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Spicy (Thai) at Seksyen 17, PJ

Fried chicken wings (RM18)

People usually think of My Elephant or Khuntai when they want to go for thai food in PJ. Unknown to many that there is actually another option in PJ - I'm Spicy, which is located a little bit hidden from the main road but regular visitors to Kanna Curry House will be able to locate it as it's just the same row at the corner.

Fried chicken skin (RM12)

Tom Yam Gai (RM20)

Thai Omelette Prawn (RM15)

Thai Omelette Pork (RM15)

Deep fried tofu and minced meat (RM18)

Thai green chicken curry (RM20)

Pork Ribs (RM25)

My colleague suggested I'm Spicy to celebrate my birthday. I have always wanted to give I'm Spicy a try but has never gotten around to do so... the suggestion to have dinner here was indeep very apt! There were 9 of us and we ordered 8 dishes with the tom yam and pork ribs double portion. Food wise, it's comfort thai food - tom yam to whet the appetite, omelette just like mom's home cooked, fried chicken wings, pork ribs and chicken skin for those who don't mind some protein and extra calories, I love the silky smooth tofu and the green curry goes really well with rice.

I'm Spicy house drink (RM12/jug)

With all the spicyness from the tom yam, it's best to order a jug of their house drink which is essentially an ice blended lime lemon minty concoction that is both refreshing and soothing. Whilst the ambiance is cosy (at least I feel it's not as 'packed' as MyElephant) and the establishment is brightly lit, my only grudge is the pricing - I think it is a little too steep.

I wouldn't mind returning though as doing a walk-in at MyElephant is usually impossible without advanced reservation.

Thanks to my colleagues for the treat ;-)

I'm Spicy
No. 1, Ground Floor,
Jalan 17/45,
46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7954 2281 / 7954 2271

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