Thursday, March 27, 2008

coconut flower seafood restaurant @ teluk gong

coconut flower seafood restaurant

herro! it seems like a veeeeery longggggg time since i last do a food review. so when i was 'invited' to a seafood dinner with a bunch of crazy friends, i jumped at the opportunity of course! i can't even remember when was the last time i went out with sucha BIG group of people for dinner... (been anti-social cos of assignments!)

kenneth suggested teluk gong and so teluk gong it was! and where else but the famous papaya garden (hehe, inside joke!) coconut flower restaurant. i've been there once but it was in the first/two years i shifted to shah alam (it's my 7th year now, how time flies!).

so there were all 15 of us... (because people always complain i dont have human pics in my blog, here they are!)

the banana garden
ashvin, param, joshen, jimmy, alex, qfung, ivan, samuel, rong jiang, kenneth, kit ming, chu xuan

the papaya garden
jen, jia hui, me

marketing gang- jen, kenneth, qfung, kit ming

come coconut garden of cos must have coconut! cholestrol? what cholestrol????

thai coconut- rm3.80

jimmy, kenneth and rong jiang did the food ordering (haha how times have changed! the guys are ordering and the girls are waiting to eat). as there were 15 of us, we splitted into two tables but with doubles of everything.

lala bihun- rm15

kangkung belacan- rm10

signature beancurd- rm12

prawns (sorry dunno what style)- rm49

oh jien- rm9

steamed pak sou gong- rm34

kam heong crabs- rm28

sweet & sour crabs- rm28

fried mantou buns- rm3

we had everything from the seafood family:
prawns? check!
oyster? check!

in my humble opinion, the food are nothing fantastic to shout about, some are worth the miss as well. for instance, the lala bihun, the lalas are soooooo small that after you finish the whole plate of noodles you'll ask, "so where's the lala??" but for so much food and drinks and the priceless company, it is worth every single penny.

eat like there's no tomorrow

in total we had 1 toddy (500ml- rm2 wtf so cheap!) to share, 11 cokes (1.80 per can), 1 sprite (rm1.80), 3 100plus (rm1.80 each), 2 chinese tea (rm1.20 each), 1 orange juice (rm2.80), 2 watermelon juices (rm2.80 each), 7 coconuts (rm3.80 each), 15 white rice (80cents each), 5 plates of peanuts (rm1.70 each) and the total bill summed up to RM493.30 (inclusive of rm23.50 of gov tax) which averaged to about rm33 per pax.

cheers to great friendships!!

rm33 for all the seafood protein, great company and endless laughters. i say we should do this more often! now who's with me?

p/s: it is times like this when you're nearing the end of your college life do you learn to treasure all the great times with friends... not to say i've not cherished any great times but i know i am going to miss it alot... so don't forget to ajak me when you all go out next time k!!! ;-)

coconut flower seafood restaurant
702, jalan udang galah,
kampung teluk gong,
42000 port klang, selangor.
tel: 03-31341218/31342886

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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