Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sup Gearbox

Sup Gearbox- Bull's Bone Marrow Soup

I never really have Malay-style soup before although passing by those Malay tom yum shacks was a routine. Not exactly your usual Sup Ayam or Sup Kambing is this special soup which goes by a very special name too- Sup Gearbox. I know, the Westerners and carmakers will be proud. If I was the inventer of this soup, I would have cut a deal with one of the carmakers to name the soup after them, i.e. Sup Gearbox BMW. Then again, I would probably need to pay royalty for every bowl sold :S

(p/s: I'm in love with Bimmers!)

BBQ Daging

Essentially it's the bone marrow of the bull which resembles the car's gearbox. It is said that a bull's bone marrow will be better as they have more muscles (from working hard at the farm??) than the cow's. Cows are better off be made steak I guess. The soup is rich and flavourful which is actually quite delicious and it goes very well with rice too. The normal way to finish up the soup is to put a straw in the bone marrow and suck it up *slurp*.

I was brought to the famous Sup Gearbox in Kota Bahru which also specializes in BBQ Daging. Pity that I don't really know where this place is but it seems that it's very popular among government officials and have even appeared in Malay dailies.
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