Thursday, January 3, 2008

of mamak bungkus, tapau and takeaways

chocolate fountain

what i have been eating throughout my 3 weeks working stint in bangsar village (pic above included, hee)...

most of the days our diet consisted of devi's corner as it is just across the road.

nasi lemak ayam tambah telur mata kerbau- rm5

maggi goreng- rm3

on days that we craved for kfc but there is none within the area proximity, mcdonalds was our consolation...


once when jill and i simply couldnt decide what to eat and devi's wasnt in our wishlist, we splurged on coffee bean...

salmon and egg muffin- rm14.50

tuna curry puff

on days when i did make it to subang early and managed to tapau this from success kopitiam...

chicken rice- rm3.50

one day when my boss aka my sister was generous, she treated everyone to chatterbox takeaway...

fried glass noodles- rm10.80

cheesy porkchop baked rice- rm13.90

fried ostrich hor fun- rm10.80

cheesy seafood baked rice- rm13.90

on one friday night when there was a pasar malam, we went and bought this...

fried lo bak gou

there were two rainy nights where the mall's air cond was blasting cold, we were hungry and craving badly for some decent chinese food... taichow was our saviour. all hail tai chows from now on...

fried mee and meehoon

fried hokkien mee

fu yong omelet

stir fried potato leaves

fried rice

stir fried potato leaves with sambal belacan & chillies

sweet & sour pork

fried meehoon

every night we take at least half an hour to decide on what to eat. on some nights when our neighboring booth's boss (which sells cufflinks) was feeling generous, we had pizza (dominos, canadian, marco's) and nando's.

and im kinda still sick of mamak now...

*celebrity sighting!!*

asha gill and i

during those 21 days, we met may wan, amber chia, alex yoong, cheryl samad, asha gill, former 3R hosts kartina and low ngai yuen (who both bought chocs from us!! hee!). we've also spotted alot people who came to the mall EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY.

eatfullnothingtodo or what??

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