Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum

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Affordable dim sum places are hard to come by especially in KL. Most of the good places are either in hotels or places like King Crab or really too expensive until unheard of. I was introduced to Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum by E awhile back.

I reckon it's gaining popularity among the people from Damansara as for both times I was there, the place was crowded and people were lining up to get a table! I wonder if it has affect the business of Hong Kee which is also situated in the near vicinity.

The variety of dishes is commendable, I saw plates of cheese baked crabs and was so tempted to get one but E stopped me :( Tastewise, JXHK's dim sum fared a little above average, better than those el cheapo dim sums you get at coffeeshops and even better than Hong Kee's, but IMHO, King Crab still has one of the better tasting dim sums around Klang Valley. Price wise it is affordable, not too sure about the prices per single item though.

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Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum
59, 61 & 63 Jalan SS21/19,
Damansara Jaya,
47300 PJ.
Tel: 03-7729 6866

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