Thursday, June 25, 2009

CTNF: Istak Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage

Istak Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage- Peach, Lemon, Malt

I find products like these a little bit ambiguous. It's kinda like saying vegetarian beef or chicken. It's beef, but it's made of flour, but hey it tastes like real beef! Uh huh....

Istak Peach

So when E returned from her exhibition (MIHAS-Malaysia International Halal Showcase) earlier this year with the usual loots (can you tell I love her job?? The looting part I mean hehe), one of the bags had bottles and cans of these "non-alcoholic malt beverage" which she said it's beer, but it's non-alcoholic, and it's halal! You bet my reaction was, "Uh huh........."

All flavours in just one can

I don't know about you but this non-alcoholic malt beverage sounds just as ambiguous to me... Everyone knows the equation of Malt = Beer, Malt is what makes Beer! But if vegetarian beef can taste and look like real beef but they're not beef, so can malt drinks right??

Istak Peach

I wasn't too excited with having the malt drink (I don't like beer), so I opted to give the peach and lemon a try instead. Well they taste somewhat like shandy, looks somewhat like shandy but I'm jolly well sure it doesn't have alcohol content like shandy! So now even our Muslim brethrens can enjoy non-alcoholic shandy like how our vegetarian friends are having flour-made beef and chicken!

Istak Non-Alcoholic Beverage Malt Beverage are not avalaible in the M'sian market yet but I suppose it has already been around in the Middle Eastern countries.

(and not get drunk)
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