Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Most Expensive Fried Crickets- RM100!!

Remember this bugger's face

Eating fried bugs was one of the item in my list of things to do in Bangkok. It's considered the Thai snack, much like the balut for Phillipinos (this I wouldn't eat). While I hate and fear bugs in general, eating them feels kinda exciting. Hehe I know, sucha sadist right.

I ultimately chose the fried crickets because it looked less disgusting. The crabby thingy is just too common, eating that won't bring any weight to boasting "I HAVE EATEN FRIED BUGS IN BANGKOK!!" to other people hehe. Maggots are just ewww. And those fried mini frogs are just plain plain disgusting yucks! Then there's roaches.... urrgh think I'll pass thank you!

The guy told me it's 20 Bahts or about RM2. Quite a cheap deal I thought, passing him a 1000 Bahts note as I do not have any change and thought I'll just break it for a change. Stupid Bugger (well, he sells bugs after all doesn't he) disappeared for awhile, I thought he went to get change. And while waiting, we all got too excited with the bugs. Us girls at least cos the boys were so chicken they pulled all sorts of disgusted faces while the girls were chomping down the fried crickets.

It really isn't that bad actually. Taste something like soft shell crab but with rather thorny legs which could get stuck between your teeth and/or cause some sting while you're chewing them. The crickets were seasoned with some salt and pepper so there's actually flavour :)

We proceeded to take loads of photos showing us eating the bugs as proof of purchase fear factor act we've accomplished in Bangkok.... until I forgot that I've still not gotten my change!! And then we walked off and went into the bars lalalalalalala until Eiling asked me how much bugs Bahts I have left and I was searching frantically for my Bahts but I only found bugs.

Look at his stupid face!!

We immediately dashed out to find the stall and demanded for money back. That son of a bugger argued that I only paid him 100 Bahts and not 1000 Bahts. WHAT THE F...BUG!!! We tried to reiterate that I paid him 1000 Bahts and he was clearly all out to con this poor Malaysian tourist who was so excited with her fried crickets :(

980 Bahts!! I could have bought so much more things with that $$. I'd rather buy 20 bottles of orange juice and drink until drunk also I don't want him to get my money. Grrrrrrrrr.......

Moral of the story is, always bring small change when dealing with these streetside stalls. And don't get too excited over some fried bugs.
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