Monday, November 5, 2007

3-2 =1

ziling receiving her cert from prof tim wilson, vice-chancellor Uni of Hertfordshire

as the title suggests, 2 out of the 3 lim sisters have graduated. that leaves me as the only member in the family with no BA (Hons) title... yet. well, give me 6 months time, then we'll all have the same qualifications. and then the rat race can begin, harharhar.

nah, just kidding (the rat race part).

family picture without dad again

our way of showing how proud we are of her
[btw, she got 2nd upper]

no, really we do love her... sometimes. and she has never felt so loved before, hence the expression.

yilingl meets kennysia (!!)


... and this will be my year-end holidays project. scrapbooking!! gosh i can be in that crafthaven shop @1utama foreverrrr fixing my eyes on every single thing in that shop. but everything is so pricey!! and nice!!

rm130 worth of goodies

examples of end results

okie doks. gonna start my project now!

cheeeeeers :)

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