Monday, October 13, 2008

Bread & Olive @ KL Lookout Point

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If the pictures above failed to mesmerize you, I don't know what will. Maybe perhaps a diamond? Or Josh Duhamel? Hehe he is quite charming lo.

KL Lookout Point is very popular among photography enthusiasts and those who have never ever seen the whole of KL night scene before... like me. Eh don't lie, I know most of you have never seen it before too, photos in magazines and internet don't count. And I can proudly brag that I have been there, done that TWICE in 2 days. Yea crazy people like us take an hour drive to the same place in 2 consecutive nights.

This is of course a very long forgotten post, almost a month plus because I am so wonderful at digging things that happened long long ago to blog about :D

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Colorful drink for your dull life!

On the first visit, we ended up getting a seat at Bread & Olive, a cafe that majors in Mediterranean cuisines. The name reminds me of Fig & Olive and I wonder if it's related. The menu is rather limited and since we had our dinner before heading to the Lookout Point, we ordered something to share.

For the lack of a better name, the juice shall be named 'Colourful Lava'. It has 4 layers of different colors (in other words, pewarna yang dibenarkan) and I suppose it represents and is made up of 4 different fruits. Mango, orange, kiwi, watermelon??? It is ice blended and not exactly a genius choice as it can be pretty chilling up there.

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Mediterranean naans

Again, I'm particularly bad with names of food I had more than a month ago. If I remember correctly, it has a name along the lines of 'Pizza'... perhaps Mediterranean Pizza or something. In actuality, it is a mediterranean style pizza as the dough is topped/enveloped with meat (chicken, lamb, beef i think?) and some herbs and spices and baked in a fire oven. The outcome is a plate of crispy and fluffy Mediterranean pizza. We didn't like the ones in the middle of the picture though. It is some herbs and spices flavour.

We did make a second trip the following night because some of our friends have never been up there too. On the second visit, we managed to get a table at the famous Gasoline Cafe but food was just okay (along the lines of Station One, Halo Cafe etc). The joint is managed by typical lala chais and patronized by typical mui mui chais too which makes us very lala that night too :p

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With the people from college- Jimmy, Alex, Jen, Calvin and I

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KLCC is so small that I can flip it with a flick of my fingers, bwahahahahahaa!

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The sky was much orange-ier on the first night, but still as spectacular

When I first saw this view, my jaw literally dropped and I was dumbfounded, unable to believe there is such a place in KL/Malaysia/Earth that is so beautiful. The lights, the lights and the lights! Now I know why it is important to switch on lights at night, be it your car when you're driving, your house, appartment, streetlights etc because if whole of KL decides to be on an environment friendly and energy saving mode (which we all know will never happen), then you won't get to see this breathtaking view for yourself!

To see the very awesome pictures of the night scene, please visit Calvin's flickr. See it to believe it!
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