Tuesday, January 29, 2013

S.Wine @ B.I.G. Independent Food Store, Publika

Parma ham, arugula and peach salad
Parma ham, arugula and peach salad - RM19.90

The BIG Group needs no further introduction to the F&B scene in Kuala Lumpur. In the recent couple of years, the BIG Group has launched and opened so many new eateries - some repeated but located in different venues (i.e. Plan B, Ben's General Foodstore, T-Forty Two), but many concepts still remain independent (The Estates, Hit & Mrs, S.Wine, Botanical, Canoodling, Barn BBQ, Ricetaurant, B'wiched), you can almost be assured they have no plans of stopping! Every new eatery that pops out is sure to be checked if it's by The BIG Group - but if you notice, most BIG outlets have some sort of similarities, the deco props and the type of chairs (prove me wrong, or right?). Sans the fixtures, some of the items in the menu are similar too -- compare Ben's to Ben's General Foodstore and Plan B (maybe the coffee too).

Whatever the similarities or differences, one thing's for sure... there's a Ben-outlet in every corner of the town.

BBQ chorizo cheeseburger with bacon
BBQ chorizo cheeseburger with bacon - RM24.90

The people behind The BIG Group are in fact genius - setup your own high end supermarket and bring in all your F&B outlets within the supermarket. That way, you don't have to pay rental twice, economies of scale in getting ingredients but at the same time the brand presence is loud and clear.

S.Wine was introduced when B.I.G. opened doors as (in my opinion) part of leveraging on the supermarket's purchasing power in getting the freshest and bestest quality of ingredients as the deli was already importing poultry (midstream?), why not have the downstream covered too? The menu is strictly focused on (duh!) swine so ditch that diet away when you're here.

Momofuku-inspired pork buns
Momofuku-inspired pork buns - RM16.90

As always, we'll pick an entree to share, either a soup or a salad. The parma ham caught our eye, and Parma ham, arugula and peach salad it was. The salad as I remember, was okay - the price tag has to justify the fancy ingredients anyway. The BBQ chorizo cheeseburger with bacon was nothing less than amazing. This is one burger that you'll be thankful you're not a vegan. The Momofuku-inspired pork buns was comfort food. (A little foodnote: Google-search tells me that Momofuku is the famous restaurant in New York City that first 'created' this dish). As Chinese, we grew up with eating Tung Po pork and steamed mantou, so this should be nothing foreign to us. Although it's delicious, it's a bit pricey for just 2 pieces of these pork sandwich.

Assam boi
Assam refresher - RM9.90
Assam boi, lime, cucumber and soda

If you have additional RM10 to spare, give this assam refresher a shot (the assam is frozen within the ice!)... do I think it's worth RM10? No. Will I pay for creativity? Maybe.... sometimes yes.

Latte & Piccolo
Latte and Piccolo at Plan B

After a heavy lunch at S.Wine, some grocery shopping at B.I.G., what better way to cap it all up with a cuppa at Plan B. Don't you see the it's ingenious?

Ben's Independent Grocer,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.

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