Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sang Har Meen @ PJ

Sang Har Meen for 10 pax (RM125)

Sang Har Meen is inarguably one of more pricey noodle dish amongst the noodle family due to the usage of Sang Har or Fresh Water Prawns. A Sang Har Meen meal can be a very pricey affair depending on where you can have it and the size of the prawns. Ever since I discovered a place that offers delicious noodles and sizeable fresh prawns, a serving of this scrumptious noodles never looked so affordable and easily accessible before!

Sang Har Meen per portion; Tung Po Pork- RM30

This comes off as a surprise finding as my initial intention was just to gather a group of colleagues for lunch where we wouldn't have to crack heads over transportation issues. There was a new restaurant near our workplace at Section 19, same row as Greenview Restaurant (the other restaurant famous for Sang Har Meen but at cut throat price). It was opened a few months back but business seemed to be lacking and they somehow changed the menu and setting of the restaurant. It now spots a very huge and distinct red 'Sang Har Noodles' signboard so there's no way anyone can't see it!

The Sang Har Meen is very affordable at only RM12.50 per pax as we ordered for a 10 pax portion. The delicious succulent huge prawns and sinfully egg roes is the reason for drooling! We also had a serving of Tung Po Pork which was served with fried mantous and a serving of Claypot Chinese Cabbage with Yam (RM20) which received widespread thumbs up around the table.

Thong Kee Sang Har Meen

Another place which offers Sang Har Meen is Thong Kee, which is a couple of shops away from the famous Seapark Sunrise Duck shop. However, this one comes off slightly expensive compared to Richwell, if I remember clearly is about RM20 per pax.

I read that Greenview's is at about RM28 per pax.

Restaurant Richwell
24G & 26G, Jalan 19/3,
46300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7955 5855

Restaurant Thong Kee
33, Jalan 21/12,
46300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7874 2444

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]
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