Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Icey Ice Snow Ice

Looks like my Perth post hasn't come to an end as I have missed out on an entry on this really awesome ice shaving. I also missed out on the popular Lotto (a form of gambling but in a subtle way). And the Roc Candy. And the very cute Ne-Yo (Fang's dog).

Heheh, maybe I'll put these in a filler post next time. But Icey Ice Snow Ice really do deserve a post on its own!! :D

Harbourtown Mall

Juen and Fang told me it's really good. We were at Harbourtown, a very awesome mall for shopaholics looking for a good deal as most of the shops there are always on sales (either factory outlet/ past season's fashion). I got a high waisted pants for only $9.95 and some other trinklets for as low as $2 and shawls for only $1 each (which I subsequently bought all 4 colors, heh)!

Anyway, Icey Ice specializes in flavoured shaved ice. If you are thinking of Ais Kacang or those Ice Balls with syrup, then you're wrong cos it's much awesomer than that! Oklah actually Ais Kacang is very awesome also. But this is like the Taiwanese Ais Kacang in Australia and recommended by Malaysians (they told me it's from Taiwan/ globalization yo). Juen recommended the Green Tea flavour with red bean topping.

I had expected it to be like a block of plain ice with toppings like the Ais Kacang but it turned out to be rather different! It is a block of green tea ice shaved to snow! Hence, the name :)

After that, the red bean topping was added on the ice shavings and it was good to go (into our mouths that is *wink).

Look at the snow shavings!

We had the large cup ($5.90), the regular cup is at $4.90. One spoon to the mouth and it was pure bliss, yum yumm! It's fluffy and light, and really does feel like eating snow! The red bean was sweet as well, and proves to be the perfect pair for the green tea ice. Whoever came up with the idea of pairing green tea with red bean must be a genius!

It's surprising that the ice shavings managed to stay in its original form for quite awhile. And when it did melt, it became like a sundae texture rather than like a watery Ais Kacang. Soft and creamy.......


On a non related note, I've just passed my 1 month mark at the new job. Tomorrow is pay day, yay! I'm now working on some tax project and work has become rather taxing (pun not intended). I had to text my friend this afternoon asking if he still has the Tax-book from college so that I can borrow to do abit of catching up in the subject. Speaking of which, have you guys done your tax submission? It's my first time doing it and I'm feeling quite blah about it, firstly because it's very ma fan to have to make a visit to the LHDN office and get the form/e-filing password. And then have to know what are things to submit to get relief/rebate. Perhaps this is the part of growing up that I really hate :(

The silver lining though would be officially having the rights to scold the government if they misuse the taxpayers' funds (which I'm sure they have been misusing for the past 51 years....). Hehe :p
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