Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Tour Through Perth Parks

Breathtaking view of Perth City from Kings Park

The Mat Sallehs and Ang Mohs are known to have a liking for parks, trees, sunshine, and lying on the grass contemplating about life. So when in Rome, do as the Romans do, but it was a case of doing what the Australians do when I was in Perth.

Bush Tree

Strolling the parks... Lying around... Watching sunset... Enjoying life...

Fang and family took me up Kings Park, the most popular park in Perth. I don't see why it is not popular- it's up on a hill where one can overlook the city, the river and the brewery.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...

Doesn't this picture reminds you of Robert Frost's poem- The Road Less Travelled? I would copy and paste the whole poem here but this is not the focus of today's story :)

Kings Park is a really really nice place to just chill and relax. While us Asians would run and hide at every point the sun shines on us, you have to give it to the Whites for being able to sun bake and still chill under the heat. These kids were having such a wonderful time rolling down the hill! I was tempted to do the same too....

Due to its strategic location of being up the hill, Kings Park is a popular venue for wedding receptions and sorts. When we were there, a wedding party was taking place at the gazebo. There were also people taking graduation photos, having picnics, reading a book, or making out but in a considerable manner :p

Smack in the middle of the park is the ANZAC Memorial Tower to honour those who perished during the war. There is a significant plague bearing the phrase, "LEST WE FORGET".

And if you do, there's always the names of those who perished to remind you that the freedom and democracy the Australians have today is not the sacrifice of one man, but many many men.
/cue for sad song playing

Perhaps this is what makes Kings Park immensely popular among locals and tourists alike- the spectacular breathtaking view of Perth City. I think it will be even more beautiful at night with the lights on.

On another evening, I was brought to Mill Point to watch sunset. We went to a nearby Dome and grabbed ourselves some coffee and juices, sat by the river and watched sunset.

It was such a wonderful thing to do. Spending quality time doing quality activities (ie. doing nothing = free & carefree mind), sounds like The Ideal Job to me. Pictured in the foreground is Denise, Fang & Hua's friend who tells us the funniest stories by translating them to BM!

We watched sunset :)

Final post on Perth tomorrow!
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