Saturday, October 27, 2007

beauty queen and me

did anyone follow the astro chinese international pageant 2007 program? i wouldnt if it wasnt for wan ting (a.k.a. tiffany), a college friend of mine. here are some 'screenshots' to summarize the whole show for you guys who are away from home or does not have astro or wah lai toi. i am so kind, hor?

the show started with the 2 emcees introducing themselves blablabla. if you recognize the guy, he's a hk actor/producer/director/etc- Vincent something, while the lady is the 1998 winner- Debbie Goh. 10 years later and she still look pretty stunning!

then the contestants came out one by one...

and this is my friend, tiffany contestant number 13.

and these are 'screenshots' of the 5m banner jill, timothy (tiffany's bf) and i drew and painted for her.

there was a 'show your talent' moment, where all the contestants had to perform their talents. some were crap (really really basic yoga where you and i can do it too despite being super unflexible, boxing- err, talent??!, some martial arts learnt from fitness center- body combat, capoeira) but there were some which were awesome and saving grace like latin dancing, hip hop dance and tiffany's rhythmic gymnastics.

tiffany won the 'most talented' award, cash prize of rm1000 *ka-ching!*

she got everyone's jaw dropped and eyes wide open with her super flexible moves and summersaults. seriously if there's a repeat of the program, pls go and watch it. anyway, the guy emcee was really awesome cos he kept praising her and reiterating the fact that shes a national gymnast and she has the sportsmanship spirit.

p/s: sorry no screenshots of that. i was busy oooh-ing and woahhh-ing.

the top 5 finalists were based on sms votes. there was a little surprise when they announced the top 5 as the girl who had highest vote of 18% didnt get in while the girl who wasnt even mentioned in the top 5 sms votes before they close the voting system was in! and clearly i believe results are fixed... the girl who got in was a clear favourite among all the judges as she is the tallest among all contestants and according to the judges she exudes the 'elegant, radiance , glow etc' when she walks out. i felt she wasnt that pretty but of cos her height beat everyone flat.

then there was a q&a session for the top 5 finalists. i thought tiffany did really well in all her q&a sessions, not cos shes my friend but i never knew there was this spontaneity in her. if i was in her shoes, id probably fumble, stammer and asked the judge to repeat the question a billion times and probably ask for a translator. haha.

it was then the announcement of who gets 5th, 4th, 3rd...

and then it was down to 2 of 'em. i was really happy and proud for her. i knew shes not gonna win 1st cos clearly the judges favoured the other girl more. every single freaking judge said the other girl was their fav. like omg, no need say whos gonna wear the crown tonight la right. so obvious already lor.

but anyway, the show must go on...

and no prize for guessing who got 2nd lor...

but congratulations girl!! damn proud of you k... and richer by rm15000 *ka-ching-ching!*

sien... so obvious edi.

her crowning glory

IMHO, as an unneutral and biased party who clearly supports tiffany (cos shes my friend- duh!), i feel so damn proud for her. bet [insert college name] will use her as the ambassador, paste her posters everywhere, print big big banners of her, put her in all the brochures and booklets blablabla and come out with new slogan that goes 'think [insert college name] think employability beauty queen'.

pp/s: if you happen to pass by [insert college name] next time, pay some attention to the banner opposite starbucks. thats her, beauty-queen in making :)

i felt she perform so much better overall- talent show, q&a, dancing and the way she brought herself out compared to the winner. if you have watched the program, notice how the girl who won stood and her posture. yeahla yeahla i gonna win edi, stand nice nice or not also who cares right.

but i felt mm tei for wan ting. grrrr... the winner gets a freaking nissan latio ok!! and double her prize money... damn.

but anyway getting 2nd is really very good, considering that she was an underdog, nobody paid much attention to her, even her camera time wasnt alot.

okok to conclude my jealous-filled entry, congrats wan ting!!! you were awesome girl!!

i also want to do something great-lah... how now???

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