Saturday, October 13, 2007

restoran makanan laut zhen liew siang

tonight's dinner was in sentul.

mention sentul, and it reminds me of...

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ive never been to sentul except once to klpac, so please dont ask me for directions. pretty hopeless when it comes to directions of places i hardly ever come by. (actually i think im pretty hopeless when directions are involved. can never be a taxi driver for that matter, sighs)

but i think i still cant beat ziling's sense of directions! she's more hopeless i believe...


my uncle brought us to this unfamiliar territory named sentul... i dunno how my uncles always manage to find good eatery places tucked somewhere unbeknownst to human beings like me. heh, maybe i just havent reach that 'search-for-good-food-level' yet.

restoran makanan laut zhen liew siang

there were 人山人海 people mountain people sea.

it was raining... BUT!!!
nothing can deter hungry (chinese esp) people from eating! *grrrrowl*
and nothing can stop people from coming in droves even if there're already tableloads of obviously hungry people waiting for their foooooood.

after about 30 mins of waiting...

pork knuckles- rm32

my first thought was... 'how come the gravy is orange one?'
looks like curry or satay sauce aint it?

the meat was... ohmaigourddddddd. it was soooooo gooooooood, the meat wasnt at all fatty, it made everyone felt like a barbarian. heh. the sauce isnt spicy despite its appearance, has a lil' sour taste to it. still cant figure out what it is cooked from though... but this is one of the BESTESTEST pork knuckle dish ive ever eaten!

eiling says its a fusion pork knuckle. since its deep fried (normally chinese style pork knuckle is braised) and the sauce resembles satay sauce. and at rm32 it is damn worth it!

homemade tofu

this second dish is the restaurant's homemade tofu. i think many other restaurants have their version of this tofu... nothing fantastic to shout about. but IMHO they should serve this with mayo or some special sauce cos the tofu taste is quite bland-lah.

banana leaves sotong and prawns

this dish of banana leaves and prawns is nothing great to shout about as well. i couldnt really taste any banana leave flavours and the sotongs were not that tangy. i like my sotongs to be tangy!!! *grrrr* the prawns also lacked the 'bouncy' feeling :( and it took me quite some time to make out what the gravy is made of. i had santan in mind and eiling thought the same too. its either great minds think alike or great tongues taste alike! heheh :p

stir fried potato leaves with belacan

ordinary vegetable dish. i dont really like this style of cooking though. i prefer the one with belacan and chillies... a little spicy taste.

the second vege dish was one of my fav vege. but i really dunno the name. can someone enlighten me? as you can see from the pic, there's very little left... that's cos before i managed to snap a pic everyone has taken a serving from it!! grrrr... they still dunno the food blogging rule--> NOBODY TOUCHES THE FOOD BEFORE PHOTOS ARE SNAPPED geddit!!

anyway, i'll make them get used to the rule soon!


lemon chicken

mom opted the lemon chicken cos she says its not an everyday dish at home. i was hoping she'd order herbal chicken. its my favvvvvvvv :))))) i love the herbal soup that comes envelop with the chicken. anyway, this lemon chicken is also so-so only. nothing special-lah.

and so it was time to 'mai tan' (pay bill)...

rm141 for 9 mouths

i dunno if the price justifies the food but since those who payed never said anything, i pressume it's reasonable. wont mind coming back again for the pork knuckles though!!!

p/s: on an annoying note (to both my sisters- i know you read my blog!), i want sushi zanmai, and i will bug you guys till you take me there! preeeeeeeezzzzzz?

update: screw sushi zanmai, i want jogoya nowwwwww!!


restoran makanan laut zhen liew siang
no. 30, jalan 14/48A,
sentul raya, off jalan sentul,
51000 kuala lumpur.
tel: 03-40413781

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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