Thursday, April 16, 2009

Same Same But Different

Music of the night- taken with slow shutter speed at Suvarnabhumi Airport

I've meant to start on a proper post on Bangkok, but work has been so overwhelming I'm finding it hard to even breathe! A little exaggeration but you get what I mean ;) Today's post will be short and simple and hopefully entertains you guys for at least 2 mins. Here are some pictures I took during my Bangkok trip of some things that are common to the Thais but I find it really cute/funny/quirky/out-of-the-ordinary. I've got 3 pictures, so as HB puts it, here's a 3,000 words post :)

What comes into your mind?

While we were walking out from the hotel to the Skytrain station, I came across this sign and it instantly reminded me of our ruling government. Haha I nearly LOL-ed when I saw it! I suppose the Thais are giving us ideas on merging Barisan Nasional with PAS! The new name of the merged party shall therefore be called BAS :)

If my common sense serves me well, I think it's a sign saying "Tempat Menjaja" or translated- Hawker Place (??)

But oh well, whatever it actually means, it's still quite funny right???

Taxis... but in pink!!!

IMHO, Bangkok has the most quirky taxi colors. They come in bright fluorescent pink, red, yellow & green and baby blue. We were told that different color taxis are operated by different companies. Hmmm today good mood, oklah sit pink taxi! Today bad mood- sit red taxi!! The taxis are cheap (ranging about 35 Bahts-100 Bahts or RM 3.50-RM10), clean and most importantly cabbies there use meter unlike in M'sia!

To On the Nut or Not to On the Nut? Spotted this sign at the Skytrain station, "On Nut" is the name of a place. It's similar like our LRT heading to either Klang or Sentul. So if you wanna On the Nut, head this way!



Anonymous said...

The caption of your night shot sounds cool. But the photo itself...

No comment...

-eiling- said...

i love the pink taxis!

J2Kfm said...

i can understand the part on work's choking one by the neck. :)

Jen said...

hahahah calvin, it is so hard to please photogs =P

please shoot me before bundling me into a bright neon pink taxi.

Michelle Lee said...

Pink cabs!! And to on nut! :P

YilingL said...

Eh it's hard to take pictures like this ok! Somemore got music notes!

As much as I hate pinky stuff, the taxis are actually attractive. At least we are attracted to the pink taxis more than the other colors. Good strategy eh.

Yea man, worst is when u dunno how to do and where to start :S

Yeah lo. Haih. (on the photo)
It's a once in a lifetime experience- there's no pink taxis in Malaysia!

YilingL said...

Michelle Lee,
So ngam I reply comments, u post pulak. Yeah gotta give the Thais thumbs up on creativity :D
So u want to on the nut or not :p

Yatz said...

hahahaha i like the BAS..

Pink taxi not bad as well..together with other colors, at least it's not as boring as Malaysian taxis..

i guess there's only 1 nut there..i wonder where's the other 1 XD

Anonymous said...

haha... if those music notes were intentional... erm... well done? :-p

Ai Mei said...

Pink is the new trend! Every girls loves pink!

Hey I've linked you up!


YilingL said...

The other nut is at On Nut :p

That sounds very unconvincing :(

Ai Mei,
Hey! Okies, I will link u up too :)

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