Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food Along Phetchaburi Road

The initial plan on the first day was to go Chatuchak --> drop our loot back at hotel --> take a taxi to Platinum Mall, and from there have our lunch and more shopping! But on our way to Platinum Mall, we passed by Phetchaburi Road and Eiling recalled her last excursion here, she had really good chicken rice and on impulse while the taxi was stopping for traffic lights, we just jumped out of the taxi.... for CHICKEN RICE!

This was the said good chicken rice stall. I know Bangkok is not famous for chicken rice but since we didn't want to waste time looking for food and based on recommendation, we decided to give it a shot. The shop seemed to be having brisk business and the striking pink uniforms of the waitresses was very noteworthy too. The Thais seem to have a strong liking for all things pink.

Nothing spectacular about the chilli sauce but it was surprisingly not too hot for consumption.

And this is the much raved chicken rice by Eiling. For a start, the soup tastes like pig stomach soup with the black pepper flavours and Greg gave his 2 thumbs up, he had 2 bowls and still wanted more. The rice itself should be taken with some dark soy sauce and I must say it's quite yummy. The chicken is quite good, and it was boneless too. If you notice, Thai Chicken Rice doesn't have gravy or soy sauce. You may think it would be dry but surprisingly it's not. There were also 2 blocks of pig's blood served which we didn't even touch it. Yucks, I'll rather eat fried crickets anytime.

The whole meal is not really cheap though, about 400 Bahts.

Along the same street, there was a shop selling pork satay and other various light snacks and drinks and we decided to pop in for some satay babi feast.

If this sight does not tempt you enough, I don't know what will....

If you really think about it, it's not cheap ok... about 50cents per stick. I think average in Malaysia is about 30-40 cents? Then again, this is probably the 'con-the-tourists' price.

We had 2 servings of 12 sticks. This one is just average, the satay babi at Chatuchak still rocks and cheaper by half too.

Eiling had the ais kacang lookalike which tasted quite bleh though the ice shavings was quite a comfort to the heat.

And me? The awesome orange juice of course!

The whole bill came to about 160 Bahts. With our filled stomachs, it was time to hit the mall to burn off some Bahts on shopping and some calories too!


Raymond said...
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Raymond said...

food lover here from kuching.nice meeting you..i bet that chili soy sauce is spicy

Anonymous said...

Hey didn't we have pork satay in Melaka also? But it wasn't super duper flavorful...

Hmmm... Food in Bangkok not really cheap, but drinks aren't right? Your orange juice!

-eiling- said...

I love the sauce that goes well with the chicken rice. As for the babi satay place, just skip the ais kacang!

YilingL said...

Hi there! Greetings from the Peninsula :) No it's not that spicy at all.

Yeah but even the Melaka wasn't as good as the ones at Chatuchak.

Yeah the dark soy sauce is quite nice with the white rice. Someone should start a chicken rice trend here!

KY said...

I love street foods at BKK :D

Ai Mei said...

Your yummy yummy pictures made me crave for satay now :( Gotta wait till Pasar Malam night which is tomorrow!!

Btw, I love the pictures. *Thumbs up*

YilingL said...

Yeah street food whereever you go, Bangkok/KL/Hanoi/etc is always good!

Ai Mei,
At least you still got 'pasar malam' there! Thanks :)

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