Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall

Since Chatuchak Market didn't quite satisfy the shopaholics in us, we headed out to Platinum Mall in the afternoon after dropping our loot back at the hotel. I think we all made a very good traveling team of buddies as all of us love shopping! According to Eiling, her sources told her that Chatuchak Market got their goods from Platinum Mall. Well I guess it's not surprising since Chatuchak banks on tourists business so even if the goods are abit pricey some of them won't mind paying for it.

But not us!

Platinum Mall is really one VERY LARGE mall with about 5 floors, each packed with stalls. There's a segregation of specialities on each floor- accessories, bags, clothes, shoes etc. It is every girl and woman's fantasy land here. The walkways are long and there is just so much to see and buy!

Bags galore in every imaginable shape and size, color and shade.

This is one of my favourite shops selling funny and colorful Tee-Shirts. Would be very awesome to have all these colors in my wardrobe. Wake up, open wardrobe and feel so happy!

Do you want a W.I.F.E.?

Oi! No photos please!

The t-shirts are mostly picking fun at drunkards or aspiring alcohol lovers. Eiling and I bought the same t-shirt in different colors that says, "Drink Triple, See Double, Act Single".


No beer? No problem! Have Beer Goggles will get drunk!

I know I look damn nerd! But there's this shop which sells costumes and these funky glasses it's so cute!

Here are some pretty funky necklaces we bought and is available at Lings & Blings.


Umbrella Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh

Rock DJ!

Cycle into my heart

Hang that RayBan!

The tip to getting the maximum out of the minimum money you have is to slash the prices by at least 50% on the first bargain! Sadly, the art of haggling is not easy...... just remember to slash as much as possible!

Platinum Fashion Mall
542/21-22, Petchaburi Road,
Ratchathewi, Bangkok.
Directions: Exit BTS Chit Lom, walk straight to Zen. Go down to Level 1, walk straight along the building. Turn left at the junction and you'll see Platinum Mall.


Cath J said... stuff!!!!! except the 'W.I.F.E' T-shirt... >:"

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Shopaholics heaven for cheap stuff!

KY said...

haggling is just way too much work :S

YilingL said...

Cath J,
Oops no offence to all the wives out there!

Yeps yeps!

HAHA like your friend right... so happy with a 5 Bahts reduction :p Damn funny wei.

khian said... the rayban up for sale??

Jen said...


yes2leong said...

ok.... changed liao... =)

Ai Mei said...

Do you provide international shipping?

YilingL said...

Yeps it is. Are you interested?

HAHA. Ask David to take you for honeyshoppingmoon la. HAHA.


Where would you like it shipped to? Which item are you referring?? Drop me a mail at :)

-eiling- said...

Oi! why you reveal our secret shopping place?!! Hmmph...

Khian said...

Yes Yiling! Friend friend got priority ok!!

Ai Mei said...

Sydney. Do you think it can be done?

YilingL said...


Yeah the special priority is the item is reserved for u :p

Ai Mei,
Ok let me talk to my biz partner, I'll let ya know ;)

Khian said... partner eh? I'll call u later when I'm back after the need ship ship to me la..we meet up for dinner then you pass to me lah! ;)

YilingL said...

Ok I'll bring the Rayban next time we meet!

Pao Pao said...

i love ur pics..
what program do u use to upload ur pics??
and wat camera are u using??
Thanks :P

YilingL said...

pao pao,
Hi there, ssorry for very late comment! I'm using Sony Alpha 300. U can use flickr, it's very easy and convenient. cheers!

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