Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Ice Cream Man

I was down in Singapore early of the month (yes, I do notice that it's end of the month already) and was harping on the MOS burger which unfortunately I didn't get to eat it :-( We were at Orchard Rd and it was then again I chanced upon the mobile Ice Cream Man. Actually there were few of 'em along the streets but I was too estatic when I saw the first one! I turned to my fellow colleagues and told them we must have this, shopping can wait, ice cream can't! I had this during my visit to Singapore last year and haven't been able to forget the taste since........

There's no rocket science involved to make this simple yet delicious and cheap streetside dessert!

A block of ice cream, any flavour of your choice- Chocolate, Raspberry Ripple, Durian, Mint Choc Chips, Pecan, Chocolate Chips, Cappucino Chips and Mango- wrapped with a slice of soft fluffy bread! The bread comes in really cheerful colours too, pandan green and rainbow combination :-)

p/s: Ice cream used is King's brand, no need for fancy schmanzy Haagen Daz or Baskin. Taste just as awesome!

$1 (± RM2.40) for such simple pleasures in life. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands :-)


Cindy Khor said...

i miss this kinda ice cream so much, especially with bread... the good old days.. but nowadays all ice creams are on cones and sticks

Khian said...

I remember the last time I was down in Singapore, I had 4 of those!! 1 each day..yum!! and it was so cheap..1SGD..well, don't convert lah..gosh, missing it la..

jason said...

Oh yes, I love this! Was so excited when the aunty gave me the whole block instead of half as I imagined ^^

Cath J said...

Uhhhhh....look yummy!!!

-eiling- said...

It looked so nice! I also want. Eh how come I didn't see all these icecream men when I'm there one?!!

KY said...

there's ice cream and bread at chatuchak too!

Michelle Lee said...

ooo I've heard so much about this ice-cream man in Singapore! Amazing, isn't it? How ice-cream can bring so much happiness. Haha. =)

YilingL said...

Yeps the good ol' days!

Wah even more than me. But it's good right....

Yay another fan of Sg roadside ice cream!

Cath J,
Yeps it does :-D

You only go fine dine, where got go tepi jalan one :p

Ze orange juice is ze best!

There's a child in all of us :-)

Sue Me said...

Can have the wafer instead of bread too. Gosh.. I miss Singapore..and Sushi Tei there is so much more awesome than the one in Tropicana :P

_WeiMei_ said...

very nice... the ice cream nice.. i ate before too... hehehe

YilingL said...

Sue Me,
Yeps, can opt for the wafer or bread. Oooh, never had Sushi Tei before.

Wei Mei,
I would assume you have since you're always shopping at Orchard ;-)

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