Monday, June 1, 2009

CTNF: Apple Chips

Sometimes having a sister who works in a junk snack food company means there'll always be plenty of snacks lying around at home. While this might seem like a fantasy home to all the kids, sometimes snacking too much on potato chips can be quite unhealthy. Hehe the above picture was taken when Eiling and I were trying to do a parody for the Chipster contest more than a year ago! Click here for a recap :-)

Green Tree Apple Chips

One of my favourite things to do would be doing grocery shopping and just walking past aisle and aisle of food stuff. My favourite would be at the confectionery and snacks sections as I like to see and know what are the latest products in the market. While I was looking for snacks in Jusco (I know why would I wanna buy snacks when I have loads at home right???) I came across this Apple Chips in a small canister. I remember coming across with apple chips while having those healthy muesli cereals with dried fruits and I always curi-curi eat all the apple chips and leaving the cereals behind heehee.

Dried apple chips

The chips retail for about RM4 plus. Not cheap for such a small canister though, even Pringles would come across as cheap compared to this. Anyway, who says healthy food are cheap anyway??! Look at those organic foodstuff for a start! The canister opens to reveal a aluminium pack and I pour the contents out into the canister for easier consumption. I had a great time munching into these chips and watching my dvd while feeling guilt free. I read the contents on the can and it says no added sugar, no artificial coloring, no fat and the only ingredients used is Fuji apples. What's further surprising is that this healthy product is from China!

Hahaha, to be scared or not to be...... but seeing that it has been some while I consumed this and still living to tell the story, the chips are cleared for consumption!

I would recommend this for people who likes to munch on snacks yet want to avoid the unhealthy effects of it :-)


Anonymous said...

Healthy snacks! Way to go! No more flavored potato chips for you!

Oliver K. said...

i want potato chips!
ask jiejie to give me some!

Cindy Khor said...

its the 1st time i'm seeing so many chip bags at one time and its also the 1st time that i'm knowing that there is apple chips...

KY said...

healthy is a very relative word in this case!

Huai Bin said...

Hehe! I would always do that when I was a kid too...and I always only eat the insides of an egg tart while my dad eats the crust. He's just a nice guy that way. :)

* ZILING * said...

sei yan Lim Yiling!!!! u trying to make my brand collapse ah!!!!

Never see u talk about my brand!

J2Kfm said...

hahaha ..... a healthier way to snack? gotta check those sugar content still.

Yatz said...

aahhh Apple chips wtf..nais..

YilingL said...

But healthy snacks is expensive :( Flavoured snacks is free!

Nah take it /virtual jack&jill

Hahaha so many bags of chips can literally swim in them. I think you can find apple chips in some healthy muesli cereals.

Hehehe... :p

Hahaha so pandai!

Indirectly also promoting your jack&jill what. I'll write on your rollercoaster soon...

Oops forgotten about sugar....

Yeps, it's nice!

reanaclaire said...

my goodness!! hahaha...what a great pic.. wait till my girl sees that..she will love it!

jason said...

I had green apple chips before... quite addictive :)

YilingL said...

Hahaha... every kid's fantasy! Just like Hansel and Gretal 8-)

Yeah, they're great to munch on!

Cath J said...

wakakkakakkak....why dun u join the corntoz?? ^_^

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