Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chicken & prawn kuey teow @ Ipoh

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Chicken & prawn Ipoh kueh tiow

This is one of the very backdated post. This Ipoh makan trip was 3 months back! Hehe, didn't I told you guys before that laziness and procrastinating is my forte?

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Busy whipping up yummylicious noodles!

Located at the corner of Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri @ Ipoh is a kopitiam which has been around for ages... Can be very busy and packed with people at all times! I suppose this is nothing uncommon when you're in a food haven like good ol' Ipoh town. Anyway, right at the corner of this busy kopitiam is a stall which sells chicken & prawn kuey teow. We have been patronizing this shop ever since my sister, Eiling learns her Gu-zheng. What has kuey teow and Gu-zheng have in common, I hear you ask?

Well, the 'chef' in white above was Eiling's Gu-zheng teacher! Haha, didn't know a hawker can be a master in such fine art as Gu-zheng, did you? We have been loyal and regular customers of his noodles too.

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Soda gembira

Hehe nola, it's not called soda gembira... it's one of the 'specialty' drink at this kopitiam, some rose syrup with 7up topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I remember my sisters and I used to pester our mom for this drink when we were younger but after growing up, we'll stick to the good ol' refreshing sugarcane. But the color looks pretty, doesn't it?

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Ze prawns, ze chicken, ze noodles and ze chives

I have tried many chicken & prawn noodles but nothing comes close to this one. It is inarguably the best and our favourite too. And I absolutely love the orangy prawn oil... the ones I have had all come in pale orangy color and the chives, you can barely count with your fingers. This one comes loaded with chives (I used to dislike this green but some things change when you grow up!). Soup's so good that we always gulp till the last drop!

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Prices- Small at RM3.80, Big at RM4.50

Honestly speaking, there's no cheap food in Ipoh anymore. It used to be around RM2.80 per bowl before this little town caught up with the rising costs and inflation. Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for something good.

And just something extra,

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Porky noodles

My favorite pork noodles of all time. I wrote a review on this before, so click here. At the background is my favoritest drink of all time- gingko barley! Satisfaction to the core!

Chicken & prawn kuey teow
Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri,
30300 Ipoh.

(I can't recall the name of the kopitiam, but it is located opposite the famous salted chicken shop, Aun Kheng Lim and Kamdar textile shop)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Blackie007 said...

hi, I just stumbled upon your blog from nuffnang. And am I glad I did. I love to eat, you can say I live to eat, and you sure have a great blog here.

I shall be popping regularly to read up on all your posts...especially if I'm going to eat out. :)

The next time I visit Ipoh, I'll be sure to visit this shop. Cheers!

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Thanks Yiling for bringing me makan around ipoh! yayness!

Ai-Ling said...


YilingL said...

Thanks! Keep coming back for more food :D

It's my pleasure :)

Don't wet your keyboard!

The Sadist said...

I think the coffee shop is called Lok Wee Kui or something like that. They have caramel custard there too.

-eiling- said...

Yes that's the coffee shop name. My music teacher's stall is the best! Gosh i'm craving for a bowl of it now...drools

YilingL said...

Kah Yee,
Wah you are really good with the Ipoh town! Yeah I think that's the name of the shop. I have not tried Ipoh caramel custard :(

You so long time never visit your teacher. He also forgotten about you edi :p

khian said...

Hahha, if I'm not mistaken, there's no custard there..I think kahyee might have mixed up between the tien zyee which sells good kai seehor fun and custard in oldtown..
The shop we went to, is known as (pronounced) Yin Yao Kuey..

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