Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jalan-jalan Cari Bazaar Ramadhan @ Kelana Jaya

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The crowd weaving through to get their well-deserved meals

Perhaps the only way to drown all the past week sadness is by food. If laughter is the best medicine, in my point of view, food comes second close or maybe even second to none. And what better way to indulge than to have a walk at one of the many mushrooming ramadhan bazaars in town! Smell, sight and sound.

After some 'researching', I suggested to head on to the bazaar in Kelana Jaya as it is on the way from after work. So, here are some pictures for you guys living abroad who can't be here for the ramadhan bazaars!

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Ayam golek, a local version of kenny roger's on rotisserie!

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The murtabak man

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Satay, satay, satay galore!

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Ayam percik, a local favourite

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Satar Awie, a Malay delicacy- fish wrapped in banana leaf on skewers

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Goreng ini, goreng itu

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Soup from the North- Sup Utara

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Grilled fish or more fondly known as ikan bakar

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Very carrerful drinks, becareful about the coloring though ;-)

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Fried noodles on kawah wok

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Uniformed fried chicken rice

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Onde-onde, everyone's favourite kuih!

The bazaar starts to close at about 7pm to make way for the traders to berbuka puasa. The Kelana Jaya bazaar occupies one whole stretch of road and is pretty extensive in food choices although you will find a number of stalls duplicating the usual suspects such as roti john, murtabak, nasi campur, and kuih-muihs.

* Oh, an extra tip: Nearing the closing time, prices will be slashed. We were particularly lucky to get 3 ayam perciks for only RM5.

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Selamat berbuka puasa!
from us who did not fast but still managed to buka puasa together anyway- kenneth, me, ashvin, param and joshan :)

Kelana Jaya Ramadhan Bazaar
@ Jalan SS6/1
(Coming from LDP towards Sunway, turn in the junction after Yamaha and Customs building. Go straight till past first traffic light. The immediate turning on the left after the traffic light will lead you to the bazaar)


nuraainaa said...

"from us who did not fast but still managed to buka puasa together anyway"

how is that even possible, i don't know. heheee..

*makanan kegemaran saya tidak ada. yong tau fu. :(

Jason said...

Nice new banner!

YilingL said...

Hehe that's the irony of it :p I saw yong tau foo stall though, but didn't snap a picture of it.


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Gosh, I am so jealous. I miss those Ramadhan bazaar. I don't see any site of keropok lekor or ikan bakar.

YilingL said...

Got keropok lekor but I didn't snap a pic. Got ikan bakar also but hard to snap the pic.

Jen said...

i wanna go for the next round! hahhahhaa.. who's house is that?

YilingL said...

That's the intima office la!

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