Saturday, September 13, 2008

The week, in tears

Today I attended Uncle Peter's funeral service. To be honest, I have only attended a funeral once. That was when my great grandmother passed away about 10 years ago and it was a joyous occassion as she passed away due to really old age, and according to the Chinese, passing away at 100 years old and above should be celebrated and everyone should wear red. My great grandmother was 103.

Uncle Peter was only 42. At 42, he was perhaps one of the most successful person I've ever known. A Marketing and PR Director for Volvo Malaysia & the Asian hub, a filial son, a responsible big brother to 2 younger brothers (Uncle Peter's father passed away when they were young too and he took on the fatherly role to both his brothers, emotionally and financially), a loving husband, a doting father, a helpful neighbour, a good boss and colleague, a great friend and mentor, supportive, generous, fun... he was just such a good man.

In fact, I am still finding it hard to stomach his passing away. It still feels surreal and unbelievable as I wake up every morning and thought of this. The thought that out there, 4 houses away, one family's happiness was taken away overnight. For the past few mornings, I opened my eyes and prayed it was just a nightmare, but reality struck in, it isn't.

At the funeral service this afternoon, the moment I sat down, heard the funeral hymns, sermons, family member's testimonials of Uncle Peter's life, the things he said and the things he did, I broke into tears uncontrollably. When I lined up to pay my final respects, everyone before me came out in tears. I went in with tears and came out with even more tears. That was not even the most heartwrenching moment. The following 'final' moments was putting the casket top, and rolling out the casket to the hearse. By then, I was crying so badly, it felt like saying goodbye to a loved one. Only that the goodbye is forever and not see you soon.

The passing of Uncle Peter has affected me in so many ways I could have never imagined. In fact, I am still tearing as I write this. This week's events make me realize that (as cliche as it may sound) life is indeed fragile, unfair and full of uncertainties. The greatest pain of all is not labor pain, but the pain of losing a loved one. The greatest fear of all is not death, but losing a loved one forever.

In Loving Memory of Uncle Peter Hastie (1966-2008).


While I cry openly for the passing of a great man, our beloved country is crying foul for the arrests of RPK, YB Theresa Kok and Sin Chew journalist Tan. The draconian ISA was used again. The government is definitely nailing its own coffin, and if it really is, then I don't think I am the only one who will be happy for the downfall of this corrupted government.

That will be one funeral I am happy to attend.


mimid3vils said...

My deepest condolence~~

YilingL said...

mimid3vils: thanks for your wishes.

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