Monday, September 22, 2008

WIP Cafe @ Bangsar Shopping Center

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Work. In. Progress.

WIP is a food joint that is gaining popularity among fellow Bangsar'ians and attracting non-Bangsar'ians to this part of the world where everything is imported, pricey and 'atasan class'. I was there a week ago with 3 other friends from college (Param, Joshan and Ashvin) to catch "Malaysia masa Kini" at Actors Studio, BSC. Will do a review on the play sometime later...

Normally before suggesting any place for meals, I will try to read up on the eatery first. I read that WIP is the brainchild of famous Soul'ed Out husband-wife team Fred and Michelle. Gosh, sometimes reading and seeing all these people opening one successful cafe/restaurant after another makes me feel like embarking on this gastronomic business too! Only that I have no capital/skills/network yet. So I shall go around eating and stealing people's ideas, HAHA.

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Lychee martini- RM25

As always, it is great to start off the night/meal with a mild alcoholic drink. Friends who know us, no prize for guessing whose glass this belongs to... (Hint: Mr P)


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Salmon steak and wild rocket salad- RM36
Norwegian salmon steak grilled to perfection and served with au gratin and fresh tomato salsa

Param also had the Salmon steak and wild rocket salad. Hey, speaking of which, I didn't have a taste of your dish Param! So if you have anything good/bad to say about the dish, do drop a comment and let us know aights! Presentation wise, I don't think there's any complains. Plus, what can ever go wrong with salmon? It's good regardless of pan fried, seared, smoked, sashimi'ed etc.

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Chicken Makanwala- RM25
Boneless chicken tenderly cooked in a tangy butter sauce recipe. With vegetable masala, raitha, papadum and salad with mango dressing.

I had the Chicken Makanwala which comes highly recommended by many reviews I read. A fan of this Indian dish, butter chicken, the Makanwala didn't disappoint. In fact, I would have happily licked the golden bowl clean if not for the big portions. The chicken cubes are tender and perfect pair with the addictive butter gravy. The naans came perfectly done, crispy, fluffy and fresh. Definitely one of my favourite North Indian cuisine.

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Northern Indian B.P. chicken- RM26
Northern Indian marinated boneless chicken cooked to perfection. Served with masala vegetables, dhal and chapatti.

We learnt a new acronym that night. I learnt from my previous visit to Jarrods & Rawlins that BLT stands for Bacon Lettuce Tomato, wonder what BP stands for? No, it's not Black (eyed) Peas, nor is it Batu Pahat. Buy you 1 ayam percik if you can guess! :-p

Ashvin had the Northern Indian B.P. chicken. I suppose even from the picture you can tell the chicken had a burst of indian flavour with the herbs and spices and the 'BP' ;-)

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Lamb kebab on hot plate- RM29
Marinated lamb meat cooked on a sizzling hot plate over slow fire, with fresh asparagus on the side

What's really funny about this place (and that of Soul'ed Out) is it has a totally western name, western style deco and setting, but serves really awesome Indian food! This Lamb kebab on hot plate was ordered by Joshan, and it certainly made quite an entrance to the table due to the sizzlingzzzz of the hot plate. A few generious slabs of grilled lamb were served on a banana leaf with another plate of naan to lick the lamb gravy clean. Yum yum.

Just like its brother/sister cafe, Soul'ed Out, WIP Cafe also functions as a bar with cocktails, mocktails, wine and other liqueur and an array of other Western and Asian cuisine (such as the Sang Har Mein). It has a very nice ambience with funny costumes worn by the waiters which includes bright yellow tee and brown overall and complete with a light headgear (yes, we asked if it functions and the waitress happily obliged to show us the light). Another worthy visit would be the washroom as you'll need to know the password to enter!

Maybe somewhere hidden in the loo is a treasure box...

WIP Cafe
Lot G 111, Ground floor,
Bangsar Shopping Center,
285, Jalan Maarof,
59000 KL.
Tel: 03-20942789

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Anonymous said...

I love Soul'ed Out's menu... they've got an array of cuisines and the mocktails are pretty good too. Have yet to try WIP though but I think it will be as good if not better.

vialentino said...

nice nice cafe....WIP....nice name....luckily is not RIP

jason said...

I always thought that it's somewhere near Bangsar Village :p

YilingL said...

Yeah, I like Soul'ed Out too. Give WIP a try.

HAHA. Maybe RIP can stand for Renovation In Progress ;)

Well, now you know!

Jen said...

oh i assumed that wip was a western food joint. who knew! haha. sounds kinda pricey, but the food looks delish =D next time must join u all la. haha

YilingL said...

U always so busy la! U busy unemployed woman :p

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