Friday, October 26, 2007

delifrance bistro

today i went to subang parade with high hopes of buying my attire for socit ball happening next saturday. i had initially eyed on a floral print dress, not too expensive from but alas, high hopes = high disappointment :( the smallest size is still big for me. i know, omgwtfbbqdvdabcxyz. i got nothing to wear.


a few people had commented that i am thinner now. not that i am not thin in the past, but im much thinner now. omg, thats the worst thing you wanna hear when you weigh like 45kg at ±167cm. stop telling me how lucky i am blablablehbleh.

anyway... to prove that i am not underfed or on any diet plans, this was my lunch today at delifrance:

fresh root beer- rm4.50

provencal lamb stew- rm18.90
lamb shoulder cooked in tomato sauce & mixed herbs served with creamy mashed potatoes & garden salad

signature bread pudding- rm7.90
moist bread pudding served with vanilla sauce & a scoop of vanilla ice-cream

total bill- rm21.70
bon appetit!

i used the astrolife voucher which entitled me to a free fresh root beer and signature bread pudding with every purchase of main course or pasta. i chose the main course- provencal lamb stew (whatever 'provencal' means...). i was kinda attracted by the 'lamb' cos it has been quite awhile i had lamb... anyway, the lamb shoulder has little meat and the mashed potatoes was hangus on top, can really taste the hangus-ness. the saving grace was that the meat was really tender and the tomato sauce and the mushrooms, yummy. dont ask me bout the salad, i finished it for the sake of my inner voice nagging me: "you know how many african kids got no food to eat...".

the root beer wasnt anything like a&w rootbeer. i reckon this is like the real rootbeer. but i still like a&w rootbeer. heheh.

as for the bread pudding, im not a big fan of this dessert but its acceptable for me. i like that it was served warm and the texture was soft and fluffy... and accompanying it was a scoop of ice cream. a rare combination of warm and cold but tasted good.

lg 201, lower ground
subang parade
5 jalan ss 16/1
47500 subang parade
petaling jaya, selangor.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin said...

Oh No!!! You didn't manage to get the dress. Gosh dear, you really loss so much weight meh. Sob Sob :-( Despite eating so much as you say, still getting thin. You must be lacking tender loving care from me. It's different when I am so many thousand miles away.

Anyway, about the A&W rootbeer. I have seen how they prepare it. It's just some kinda soda, I reckon is ice cream soda with root beer syrup. Yeah, root beer syrup!

Where are you gonna shop/eat next? said...


Thnak for dopping by at See you again soon.

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