Monday, October 22, 2007

sushi zanmai @sunway pyramid

sushi zanmai entrance

minasan konnichi wa kyoo watashitachi
'ate' tabemasu nihonryoori.
(hello everyone, today we 'ate' japanese food.)

haha, direct eng-jap online translation. not bad huh.

open kitchen and conveyor belt laden with goodies

sushi zanmai has been on top of my 'PLACES TO EAT' ever since i read the many reviews of other floggers. plus the other day the star had a cut-out rm5 voucher in conjuction with the opening of the outlet in the gardens, mid valley. cant remember which day the newspaper was though.

ive been irritating/annoying/bugging my sisters to go with me but... [insert sad music, sobs, sniffs, sighs]

joining me in my makan quest are...

ms jill-ann :)
20, status undisclose.
walks fast and loves shopping. very very much.

mr param :)
22, status undisclose.
walks slow and wants to migrate to spain.

the menu was big!! big colorful pics!! omggg i like!! theres a picture and description of every single dish, so you know what you're ordering. veli guuuuud. (*ka-ching* add points)

the holy menu

yet so sinful desserts

we were spoilt for choice!! too many pictures of delicious japanese food. felt like ordering everything... but these are what we ordered:

stamina roll- rm12.80
omellete sushi roll topped with roasted eel

tempura moriawase- rm9.80
assorted tempura

soft shell crab maki- rm6.00
fried soft shell crab

salmon zanmai (8pcs +1 roll)- rm19.80
salmon, salmon belly, broiled salmon, smoked salmon, salmon roll

chicken gyoza- rm9.80
pan-seared chicken & vegetable dumpling

agadeshi tofu- rm6.80
fried beancurd

ika sugatayaki- rm12.80
grilled squid

(left and right) soft shell crab temaki- rm4.80
(center) salmon salad temaki- rm2.80

ocha- rm1
japanese green tea (free refills)

kuromitsu-iri macha monaka- rm6.80
green tea wafer ice cream with brown sugar


lets do alil' review on the food. tastewise, everything tasted good. of cos, lets not compare 'em with atasan japanese restaurants like Zipangu @Shangri-La Hotel or... erm actually i dunno any other atasan jap restaurant lah. they're not in the same league and are especially catered for atasan people with money nowhere else to spend.

we felt that the soft shell crab temaki was slightly too salty, but not salty enough to make us lose hair as you can see jill still has her long black lustrous curled hair intact after the meal :)

i love agadeshi tofu and its one of the dishes i HAVE to have for japanese meals but sushi zanmai's version of it was a tad disappointing for me. i thought asia cafe's jap stall bento sets has a better version of it.

i felt the dessert was great... though i expected a stronger green tea flavor. jill said she could taste vanilla in it while param who aint a big fan of green tea said it was acceptable. so i guess its all good...

price-wise, more pricey than sushi king and sakae sushi but definitely better sushi standards than the both sushi joints. good ambience and powerful air-cond! confirm wont sweat, even when you're paying the bill ;)

prices for dishes on conveyor belt according to color

jill and i with all the foooooooood

camwhore moment *click*

doomo arigatoo gozaimasu

there is also a little shop just outside sushi zanmai that sells all foodthings japanese. and another jap restaurant which has a more atasan façade then sushi zanmai by the name of 'ZEN'. will check both out next time.

our final verdict (out of 5):
jill- 3.96
param- 4.0
yiling- 3.8

¡vayamos siguiente mexicanos!
(let's go mexican next!)

sushi zanmai
lot ob2-f1, sunway pyramid (old wing),
no.3, jalan pjs 11/15,
46150 bandar sunway,
petaling jaya, selangor.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin said...

Jap food! Nice post... cause Jap food is amongst my fav cuisine. At least I get to make my own sushi sometimes in my dining hall. Just normal maki/temaki. Various ingredients are provided like crab meat, egg, cucumber, mushrooms... and etc. I'd snap a photo one day when I get a chance to eat sushi again. Anyway, i think the meal was worth it. Food looks good, presentation looks nice. And you all seem happy with the food in the photos. Hehe. Hope to go there when I get back.

Yiling, when I go back Malaysia in summer, you MUST bring me to every restaurant that you feature here except for ones which I have been to. Ok? Yay! :-)

Calvin said...

Oh i forgot.... The grilled squid loooks awesome! I love squid... Yiling, I must try this~!

YilingL said...

calvin: okok i will bring you. but ypu drive and you pay and you must finish the food even if its not nice as per our verbal & virtual agreement ok?


Chang said...

im dyin to go there....
ey..i m kinda interested wid both the fella's relation status weh...
if u see me online..nudge me a bit

VicKie said...

yeah wei.
Me too weh.
What happen to the female one ar?
Nudge me as well when u c me online.

Oh, before i forget,
u damn meanieeeeeeeee again !!
It's 1.10AM here, am I'm eating the guailoh maggie mee.
Blehhh, seh guailoh, no taste one.
but ya la, wat can i expect from a RM0.56 packet of magiee mee..

YilingL said...

chang & vickie: wei you flers what you all thinking??!!

Calvin said...

OMG, LOL you two fellas... Funny lerr

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